Many people in this world are familiar with words like homosexual, lesbian or gay. But more than half of those people are familiar with the term nonsexual or asexual. Many people cannot believe that there are some people in the world who do not feel any sexual attraction toward any boy or girl. Many people dismiss them as mental patients. Especially those who are asexual, realize this power after marriage. Many are not ashamed to reveal it, and many are victims of rape.

What is asexual?

Anyone, male or female, can be asexual. That is, he/she will not feel any attraction towards any woman or man. Physical relations will be like torture to them. Many tolerate touch, but cannot reach this far scale.

What is sexuality and why? Is it a disease?

Sex Hater

Many people cannot understand that he is asexual. Not comfortable with sex but is forced to continue physical relations with their husband. It is also a form of physical abuse. In fact, asexuals have no need for sex. Because a person cannot feel this desire or attraction in any way, his needs are absolutely zero percent. Many can tolerate touch but are completely averse to sex. So asexuals get very angry or irritated during sex.

How do asexual people feel?

Asexuals are generally outside the bounds of what other people feel is the need for sex. However, in a romantic relationship or friendship, some asexual people may accept a hug or a little physical intimacy. But deep down they don’t like any physical relationship at all.

Society’s attitude towards asexuals:

In fact, many people in the world do not have the slightest knowledge about this concept. Many people know that they are asexual from the internet. Many people are victims of physical abuse day after day due to not understanding. Anik women are forced to have intercourse with their husbands day after day in order to save the family.

Many people do not understand which doctor to go to for the correct solution to this problem. Mental or hormone therapy! Asexuals are ridiculed by many people in society, seeing them as disabled people.

Difference between sexual dysfunction and asexuality:

There is a big difference between asexuality and sexual dysfunction. All biological processes in sexuality occur naturally. The reaction of such persons remains the same from birth to death. They never feel any physical attraction towards their partner. Asexuality can exist in both men and women. Many people realize it after marriage and hold it back. Many people can’t tolerate the various abuses of society even if they express it.

Various organizations around the world are working on sexuality. There are also asexual associations in Bangladesh. This organization has been working officially since 2020. Until now, the membership of this organization is around 50 people.

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