What is Li-Fi technology? How does LiFi work? History of LiFi Technology,

Li-fi and Wi-fi are not the same things. Many people make the same mistake. Internet that is available through Light is called Li-fi. In today’s episode we will discuss what is Li-fi, history of Li-fi, how it works, benefits of Li-fi, when will Li-fi come, and Wi-fi Vs Li-fi. Make our writing worthwhile from the end.

Li-fi’s full-form Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi is a wireless optical networking technology that transmits data through lights. It is supposed to be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. But still, the actual speed is not sure. Dramas, songs, etc will be downloaded in a blink of an eye on Li-Fi.

We know that we get an internet connection through light. The Wi-Fi we use today is transmitted through optical fiberglass, reducing the speed by about 40%. On the other hand, Li-fi can be used through household lamps. So wi-fi is considered to be nothing in front of the speed of li-fi.

History of LiFi Technology:

Professor Harald Hasch of Edinburgh University is the inventor of Li-fi. He first unveiled and introduced Li-Fi in 2011. He showed everyone how to communicate with a light. After the test results of Li-fi vs Wi-fi, li-fi was found to be much faster than wi-fi.

He then joined a company to further develop Li-Fi. And that company is called PURELIFI. Although many companies are currently working on li-fi.

How does LiFi work?

We first give an example with TV and remote. Then you will understand. When we give a signal to the TV with the remote, the channel of the TV changes. But why is this? Let’s find out.

We have seen that there is a light attached to the front of the TV remote. Also called an infrared bulb. Then, when you press a button on the remote, the specific signal on the remote lights up. Seeing the light from the remote, the sensor on the front of the TV understands it and works accordingly.

Suppose, to change the TV channel, if the light on the remote blinks twice, the channel changes. That is, whenever the remote is pressed, different signals are sent to the TV. And the TV understands the remote signal because the TV is pre-programmed.

Our li-fi technology is very much like that. But our TV remote has only one bulb installed. But Li-Fi will have lots of bulbs installed so that data transfer is faster and many people can use it simultaneously. Now let’s come to work.

First, the internet will come to your router from the li-fi Net server. Then the data will be transferred from the router to the light or bulb and you will get the service from there.

If I want to say in the language of the book, then I will say that the light from the LED bulb captures data at frequencies. And the data is exchanged, through LiFi-supported devices. Then a PhotoSensitive Detector converts the light frequencies into signals and converts them into electronic data systems. And that’s how Li-Fi works.

Although the technology is only being used in industrial applications, it will soon make its way into smart homes. It is predicted that future home and building automation will continue to rely on LiFi to be fast and secure.

Advantages of LiFi (Lifi vs Wifi):

From what we have known so far, we may have known about the benefits of fast speed. Now let’s know about some more benefits.

1. The first advantage we already know is its great speed. On Li-Fi you can get speeds up to around 100 GBPS. Also, Li-fi has 10,000 times more frequency than Wi-fi.

2. Since Li-fi has a higher frequency, many people can use it simultaneously. But when the number of users on Wi-fi is high, the net becomes slow. So Li-Fi will be the best technology for network sharing.

3. Li-fi connects through room lights, so only you get that data when your room lights are on. No one outside the house can use the Li-fi you bought with your money. And no one will know that you are running Li-Fi. On the other hand, if you run wifi, it goes out through the wall and others connect if you know the password. As a result wifi speed decreases.

4. Since Li-fi runs on light, you can direct it towards you. As a result, there will be no signal loss and the speed of data exchange will increase. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi signal spreads around and causes a lot of loss. And you don’t get real speed either. So Li-Fi will be the latest benchmark of internet speed.

5. There are many places where radio or wireless signals are prohibited. There also you this technology

can use Because it doesn’t need wireless to use it. For example – A wireless signal or network is turned off in various factories. Because many times there is a danger of accident from the net signal. Again, the network is not available on the plane. So you can use LiFi even there if you want.

And the most interesting thing is that you can use Li-Fi even under deep clear water. Because we know that normal wireless signals don’t work underwater, but light signals do.

When you use Li-Fi, you will see many more benefits. Because using it gives a real idea about a thing. Let’s demystify some Li-Fi myths. Maybe you also believe in this rumor. Let’s put the rumors to rest.

6. Another big advantage of LiFi is that the use of solar allows LiFi connections to happen almost instantaneously because light travels at such a high speed. This leads to faster transmission of knowledge and faster internet connections – about 100 times faster than speeds achievable by WiFi.

Misconceptions about Lifi:

1. Many of us know that LiFi will be 100 times faster than WiFi. But to me, it seems like a rumor. Because of the wi-fi we use, the latest technology can provide speeds up to 700 GBPS. Such speeds have not yet been found in LiFe’s experiments. So LiFi will never be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Maybe through research, it can be 2x faster shortly.

2. Movies or large files will download in 1/2 second on li-fi, it’s not that realistic. because We currently hear about 700 Gbps internet speed of wifi. But service providers doubt whether we can get a maximum of 100 Mbps from our line. And Li-Fi how do you expect so much speed? Maybe this speed will be officially applied for some big work.

Where is Li-Fi technology used?

Li-Fi technology is widely used in various applications such as healthcare, education, retail, aviation, exhibition industry, etc. . Healthcare is one of the primary application areas within the global Li-Fi market. Hospitals have always received technology in the form of wired connections.

Mar 6, 2019. Indonesia is among the first countries to power LiFi in a primary education center. Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Global lighting leader Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) has announced that it is working with around 30 customers in Europe, North America, and Asia to launch its commercial LiFi system.

Is Li-Fi technology harmful?

In contrast, LiFi transmits data through light waves in the spectrum, so is completely free from harmful radio-frequency radiations. Similarly, LiFi technology is often used in environments where WiFi is considered a threat.

Can LiFi be hacked?

Li-Fi uses visible light. … Li-Fi works on existing protocols and unlike Wi-Fi does not require routers or hotspots. It can transmit data at much higher speeds than conventional Wi-Fi systems. Furthermore, since light cannot pass through walls, it is thought that Li-Fi signals cannot be easily hacked.

Can LiFi replace WiFi?

In line with WirelessSquare, Leaf-E, the use of solar energy to provide a wireless Internet connection, could become the most common source of communication in buildings within the next 10 years. Basically, it will be a game-changer, using LED lights to create WiFi.

What is the cost of LiFi?

The lamp costs around $841 and comes with a dongle. Only a single person can use the lamp at a time (multiple user support is due later this year), so you can’t buy extra dongles.

When will Li-Fi technology come?

Already, various big IT organizations have started working using LiFi. Also to use Li-Fi you need to buy Li-Fi supported mobile. Renowned mobile manufacturing companies are working towards making mobiles Li-Fi supported.

As some companies continue to work with Li-Fi technology, it is assumed that LiFi will be used in 2022. No word on pricing.

Last word: You don’t have to worry about Li-fi. Because our phone is not Li-Fi supported. If anyone buys a Li-Fi-supported phone, then come and tell the speed in the comment box, Inshallah.

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How to understand and solve my mobile hacked

Hacking anything has become a normal thing in this age of internet and information technology. Information has become very important in the age of information technology. And to collect all these information, apart from the hackers, various technology service providers are working on mobile hacking in different ways.

And now almost all the information we need is in the smartphone. All the information from personal to bank is in our smartphone. So our smartphones are on the first choice list of hackers. Today I will see if our mobile hacked and how we can survive the hack.

How to know if my mobile hacked?

1. Does your phone sometimes auto turn on or off or does any app on the phone turn on without any reason? If this happens then you have to be careful with the phone.

2. You may very recently feel that your phone is not providing as much battery back-up as you would like. Although the phone is new, the charge does not last long. So the battery is damaged. Actually it is not. Maybe your mobile hacked. It may also happen that the battery is draining due to apps running in the background of your phone unknowingly.

Hackers keep apps or websites running in the background of your phone for their information, due to which the extra charge is draining.
In this case, you should know that your phone battery is dead or the mobile hacked, so quickly show the phone battery with a technician.

3. Your smartphone is getting too hot. It’s normal for the phone to get hot while using it, but it’s another thing if it gets too hot. It can be seen that if the phone gets too hot with little or no use, then the mobile hacked.

It can be seen that the hacker is doing apps or other work on the phone without your knowledge. When someone uses the phone remotely, the phone will heat up.

4. You seem to have put the phone down, the phone’s camera is on for no reason or the volume is turning up or down. The behavior of the phone may seem like it’s a technician’s problem but sometimes hackers do it.

So have a technician check the phone if there is any problem.

Reasons and Solutions for Android Phone Hanging.

1. Use any kind of public WiFi. Because public Wi-Fi gets hacked when someone is using it, hackers can mobile hacked.

2. We get different types of messages on our phones, there are different types of links. In addition, different types of messengers, e-mails, such as: You have received many dollars from this company, so click on the link.

Never click there as it may contain many viruses. Never click on unknown links without understanding.

3. Never use auto log in or auto save option in browser. Because if a hacker somehow gets control of your phone, then he will know all the saved passwords of the phone in a moment.

4. Apps should not be downloaded from any unknown store outside of Google Play Store. Because Google always checks apps and brings them to the Play Store, so there is no fear. Other companies apps have many problems due to which can be mobile hacked.

5. Google Play Auto Update: Google Play Store is the easiest way to get software for Android phones. This Google play store may cause your phone to hang. I am now telling you what could be the reason for the phone to hang. After going to Google Play Store, click on the three dot menu on the left side. After clicking, first you will see My apps & games, click there. After clicking you will see 4 options will come one after the other.

UPDATES INSTALLED LIBRARY BETA will have these 4 options. First there are UPDATES. Now you will see all the software updates needed on your phone will be shown in the form of a list. Here, if AUTO UPDATES is on, then all the software will start updating simultaneously as soon as you connect the internet to your phone, which will put a lot of pressure on the phone.

Solution: UPDATES option in Google Play store can never be Auto. Manual should always be kept so that Auto Update does not start as soon as the internet connection is given. Then the phone will never be a problem.

6. Space: Another main reason for Android phone problems is not having enough space on your phone. Because most of the space in the phone memory / internal memory takes up space in the system. System means all the software needed to run the phone is installed in the phone memory System.

And if you install software more than the amount of space available, if there is no space in the RAM, then your phone starts facing problems. So you should install the software thinking about your phone (RAM).

Solution: Check how much space is available while installing new software on the phone. There will be no problem on the phone if the software is installed keeping enough phone memory space.

7.Auto Download: Currently we use different types of social media and different apps for communication. There is video audio calling. Like Facebook, Imo, Viber, Hotsapp, and many other social media. You can also chat and share photos with him. Now you think you have 10 such apps on your phone.

Now you have internet connection off, this time 10 photos or videos or messages from 10 apps, now whenever internet connection is given, 10 files of those apps will start downloading simultaneously. And then the phone will hang due to not taking this extra pressure on the phone.

Solution: So keep the Auto Download option off all the time while using these apps. Then the phone will always be good.

8.File Auto Generated: Some files are auto generated in every android phone. If you install any software, a folder with that name will be created in the phone memory. If you continue to install software like this, a large number of folders will be created and your phone’s memory space will be wasted. At some point it will be seen that the phone is running out of space. Many times the phone has problems due to the small space of the phone memory.

Solution: As we have to install software on Android phones for various purposes. So, as soon as the software is finished, the phone memory folder should be deleted. Then the problem of the phone will be solved.

9.About phone: First of all go to Settings and at the end you will see About phone or About with phone model number may be different depending on the phone but About will be written.

Click on About Phone. Baseband version or Build Number will be there a little below. If you tap 7-8 times continuously, an option will show. Developer Options will show anywhere in Settings.

Now you have to click on Developer Options. Developer options should be turned off and on. Now below window animation scale .Transition animation scale .Animator duration scale will be there. Each of these three will have animation scale of 1X. Animation Scale of each should be 0.5X.

Now when you come down you will see Background process limit in all phones Standard limit here At most 3 processes have to be done.

10.App install: We have to install app for various needs. And in the automatic option of the phone, the app is installed in the phone memory. When there is no more space in the phone memory, the phone hangs when trying to install the app. While installing the app, the permission of the app must be given from the phone memory to the memory card, otherwise all the apps will be installed on the memory card. Then the phone will be no time.

11.Password & security: Again you have to come to the settings option. Now click on Password and security at the bottom. Now you will find Location. You have to click on this location. There will be three options in this location mode. (a) High accuracy (b) Battery Saving (c) Device only If you turn on Battery saving from here, the phone will work properly.

Because use Gps in high accuracy. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. or Mobile netWork to determine location are all on. Because of which (RAM) and processor are under a lot of pressure, when the internet connection is given, there is a possibility of the phone getting hot. So if you give battery saving, you can use the phone normally.

12.Network System: This is most understood by those who live in rural areas or are far away from cities or have network problems. If the mobile phone network is weak and there then browsing the internet or playing online games then the mobile starts getting hot. Because mobile processor RAM tries to work with all its power and cannot do it due to weak network, then the mobile starts heating up.

13.Memory card: Your phone may have problems due to memory card problems. Because we use a memory card for a long time. I take and share many files with many people through Bluetooth or Shareit. If there is any kind of virus inside all those files then it affects the phone.

All those viruses cause phone problems. So while sharing files must be checked or taken with caution.

14.Booster app: Clean app or booster app can be the cause of phone hang. All the free booster apps that we use make the phone more heavy instead of useful. Because if the Internet is on in Free Booster app, it starts giving excessive amount of ads. So free cleaner or booster apps should be excluded.

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Theory of Nikola Tesla’s 369, What does he mean by this number? 

Banganubad – If we know about the special features of 369. But the key to the world will come to us.

But why are these 3, 6, and 9 so special?

First of all, we need to understand that we do not invent formulas. We just discover it. There are some patterns inherent in nature, following that pattern we have constructed various mathematical formulas. Therefore we can get 2 + 2 = 4 anywhere in the universe.

One of these patterns is – the “Power of 2 Binary System”.

That is, something starts from one and continues to double each other. Following this pattern, our cells and embryos slowly divide. So this pattern – 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256… Many people call it “God’s blueprint”.

cell stage

Now the feature of this above pattern is –


1 x 2 = 2

2 × 2 = 4

4 × 2 = 8

16 —-> 1+6 = 7

32 —- > 3+2 =5

64 —-> 6+4 = 1

128 —- > 1+2+8 = 2

256 —-> 2+5+6 = 4

512 —- > 5+1+2 = 8

That is, if you observe, it is understood that – 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 this pattern is coming back again and again. It is like a pendulum clock swinging back to its initial state. Again if we start from 1 and keep halving it continuously, we get exactly the same pattern back in reverse –


1/2 = 0.5 — > 5

0.5/2 = 0.25 — > 2+5=7

0.25/2 = 0.125 —- > 1+2+5 = 8

But if you look carefully, you will see that three numbers are missing in this pattern – 3, 6, and 9. These three numbers are like a free entity above this pattern. Scientist Mark Rodin believes that these three numbers describe a vector in the fourth or third dimension, which he named the flux field.

Now if we take the number 3 and keep doubling it continuously. But we get –


3*2 = 6

6*2= 12 — > 1+2 = 3

12*2 = 24 — > 2+4 = 6

This is also a pattern. A pattern oscillating between 3 and 6. But 9 is missing in this pattern.

But does 9 belong to any other pattern?

Yes, absolutely.

If we double this number 9 we get –


9*2 — > 18 = 1+8 = 9

18* 2 — > 36 = 3+6 = 9

That is, only the number 9 exists in this pattern.

Now, if we put the three patterns together in a row, we get two poles. Which has 1, 2, 4 on one side and 8, 7,5 on the other side. Everything in the world is like a river flowing from 1, 2, 4 to 8, 7, 5, and back to 1, 2, 4. If you look carefully again, you will understand that 1,2,4 are ahead of 3 and 8,7,5 are ahead of 6.

Again these 3 and 6 are under 9.

3+6 = 9 =6+3

1+2+3+6+7+8+9 = 45—- > 4+5 =9

1+2+4+5+7+8 = 27 —- > 2+7=9

So everything mixed in 9 and 9 is that single entity.

nikola tesla 369 theory gif

Not only this, there are many other paths from which it is felt that the 369 are hidden within everything.

As in our numbers –

serial 369 number

Within the symmetry of nature

The symmetry of the three and six dimensions is also quite clearly observed in our nature. For example, six-dimensional symmetry can be seen in the comb of a bee.

bee in  nikola's theory

In time period:

60 minutes in our 1 hour → 6

In 1 minute 60 seconds → 6

1 day has 24 hours → 2+4=6

In geometric shape:

An angle of a circle is 360°

That 3+6+0=9

Again halving it gives -180°

1 + 8 + 0 = 9

And halving it again gives — 90°

9 + 0 = 9

369 number inside the atom:

Atoms have three parts — neutrons, protons, and electrons.

Again in the case of quarks and leptons, the number is 6

Our season number is 6

Our universe comprises three things — dark matter, dark energy, and ordinary matter.

The number 3 is also quite strange.

It is the only prime number whose sum of previous numbers is the number itself.


Maybe if we try, we will find the existence of numbers 3, 6, and 9 in more places in nature.

Are these mere coincidences or coincidences or do the words of Nikola Tesla bear any indication? The future may give us the answer.


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