Some of the weirdest websites on the internet and their links

  • How old are you getting? Let us explain it properly!—This strange website has everything to surprise you. You just need to visit this website and enter your date of birth. Now they’ll show you all the math you never thought of. They’ll even show you how two famous people can be associated with your birthday. See for yourself.
  • by Jonathan Puckey—This strange website has only one page. You need to touch or place the mouse pointer anywhere on this page. After a while, a picture will appear and you will find yourself going crazy with the picture. Keep repeating, for each point on the page the image is set separately, whenever you place your cursor on the point the image set at that point will be displayed and the image is set as if the person in the image is pointing to that point.
অদ্ভুত ওয়েবসাইট

Weird website

This viral image is the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. This image is a 360° image of the city of Shanghai, China and the most surprising thing is its clarity and sharp details. By zooming in, the number plate of a car a few kilometers away and the face of a person can be clearly seen in this picture. So one might think that it must have been taken by a powerful camera on a satellite.

Do not command! This photo from the “Oriental Pearl Tower” was taken by a company called “Jingkun Technology”. According to their website, the resolution of this image is 195 billion pixels. It is basically created by combining many images as we see in Google Streetview. This type of technology is called “Image Stitching Technology”. But those pictures were taken with high-quality high-resolution cameras.

There are many more such pictures on that website. But these pictures put people’s personal safety in question.

  • The Internet map— This strange website has shown the audacity to display all the websites of the world on a single page. These are the biggest and most popular websites on the internet that you can see in the big circle. They are called tech giants.
  • Live Flight Tracker – Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24— Through this incredible website you can track all the planes live in the world. For this, you have to search by typing the aircraft number or flight number. You can also know how fast the plane is flying, how high it is flying, and how much the weather is changing around the plane. Also if any passenger of the plane is logged in on this website then you can know about him also. Another incredible thing you can do on these weirdest websites. Like a 3d simulation game, you can see the aircraft and everything around it (+3d map) in 3d. But the control of the plane will be with the real pilot instead of you like in the game.

weirdest websites

  • The Million Dollar Homepage —This is the weird website that made a 21-year-old student a millionaire. Many will find it unbelievable. The student’s name was Alex Tew. He lived in England. That was in 2005. Alex had already dreamed of becoming a millionaire. Meanwhile, university expenses inspired him to turn his dream into reality. But he took an alternative approach. He created a webpage and made it 1000×1000 pixels. These pixels can be purchased by various organizations or websites. The price per pixel is $1. Alex would add their company’s logo or any other image to the pixel and link it to the company’s website. A bit like showing an ad. Thus, within a few days, it became a viral topic on the Internet. Slowly, many popular companies started buying pixels for $1.However, the last 1000 Pixels received numerous applications for purchase. As a result, Alex organized an auction on e-bay. Eventually, all the pixels were sold through the auction. The last Pixel sold for $38,100! And that’s how $1,037,100 went into his pocket! This is the webpage:

অদ্ভুত ওয়েবসাইট

  • THE FACES OF FACEBOOK — Right now the number of Facebook users is- 1,278,838,458…468…489..and increasing. This website allows you to view all Facebook users’ profile pictures together. Double-touch anywhere to zoom or hit the mouse button twice (:). What’s more interesting is that each picture is linked to that account. In fact, seeing so many people on a small screen is really surprising! I can contact these 1,278,839,678..709 people at will (+fake id)! But another thing can be said that all the personal information of these numerous people has been brought together on one screen.
    Let’s zoom in a little! Now you can go to any ID.
  • Quick, Draw! — It is a form of artificial intelligence (AI). Here, you get a chance to draw anything in 20 seconds. You can draw anything you want. However, you will be surprised after a while. Because, as soon as you start drawing, a voice will continue to describe what you are drawing. Really awesome!
  • How Secure Is My Password? —Yes sir, if you are worried about your password; If you’ve always wondered “How strong is my password?”, then this is for you. This website will show you how long it takes to hack a computer with your password. For example: Suppose, I write 12345678…

Here are some interesting scientific facts that will be exiting

  • Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics—You can see all the information related to the internet live on this website. For example, you can see the number of internet users, the number of searches on google today, etc.


Now let’s give some mysterious or scary websites:

  • Anomalies Unlimited: Here you will find all the content that is really scary. All the strange events of the world and all the scary pictures are stored here. Even the aliens have huge information and pictures.


  • Last words— The cries of thousands of souls are embedded with this website. It allows the passenger, the pilot, and the airport to listen to the conversation during the plane crash.
weirdest websites

weirdest websites

  • Many have claimed that through this website they have been able to get an idea about their future right now. It also establishes communication with spirits.


  • Death Row Information?— This website is made up of “final statements” taken from Texas death row inmates before they are executed. Even those accused have been identified and presented in detail. This website is updated after a few days.
  • Magnificence: Your comment may be answered by a stranger.
  • Jonathon tambourines photography: This weirdest websites is about what many people ate before they died. But it didn’t seem too scary to me. What is the use of knowing these!

Entering here will show numbers and words like hacking in your window. Touching the skin or keyboard will lead to typing like hackers. But if you really want to learn hacking then worry no more, here you will find the course link to learn to hack.

The infinitely zooming image.

Do you know how much a picture can be zoomed in? You can see how a picture is zoomed in by going to this strange website. Hurry to this site without delay and get lost in the realm of fairy tales.

The World Wide Web project

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the first weird website. It uses only HTML language. But it remains exactly the same today as it was in the beginning.


On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the first weird website. It uses only HTML language. But it remains exactly the same today as it was in the beginning.

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What does the butterfly effect actually mean?

According to chaos theory, The Butterfly effect refers to the creation of a large effect in the future as a result of a small event.

Mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz raised a particular question at the 139th session of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The question was if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, can the flapping of wings cause a tornado in Texas?

Many people may think Edward Lorenz is mentally ill after hearing the question. Because – firstly, a tornado cannot be caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings or anything else. Second, if there was a tornado, how could it be in Texas instead of Brazil! But the answer to this question may not be what we know. Tornadoes can also be caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. In fact, this strange theory is called the ‘butterfly effect.

Although there is little controversy about the butterfly effect, Edward Lorenz is credited with being the first to identify the theory. Edward Lorenz was a professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a mathematician who first reported the butterfly effect.

He essentially united these two disciplines, meteorology and mathematics, and established Chaos Theory. In the 1950s he was looking for new methods for weather forecasting. Because it was very challenging to make accurate predictions in the general model. From this discovery, he discovered the butterfly effect as a new theory with the help of mathematics.

Let’s learn about this butterfly effect.

It was 1906. This is the story of a painter in Germany. One day a Jewish girl came to that painter. His picture should be given to him. So the German painter fell in love with the Jewish girl. As usual, he offers his love to the girl. Although the girl has tacit consent, the Jewish girl’s family is quite influential and will not accept this relationship in any way. Do understand! However, their love never stopped. The painter had a dog. Through that dog, letters were regularly exchanged between them. But one day the girl’s family killed the dog too. As a result, the painter was forced to give up.

Then one day for some reason an English soldier got very angry with the painter. Beat him a lot. Despite receiving orders from above to kill him, for some reason he has mercy on this painter. He doesn’t kill him anymore. He leaves.

Then came World War II. Do you know who the painter was? Adolf Hitler. Countless Jews died on Hitler’s orders in that world war. One of the greatest massacres in human history. The dark chapter of the human race. That chapter is what has tarnished the human race.

When Hitler applied for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts, he was rejected. Not once, but twice. His request was rejected by a Jewish professor at the academy.

Now come to the real thing! What if the Jewish girl’s family accepted their relationship? Mr. Hitler might have lived peacefully in a German city with that girl. Or what would have happened if the Academy had not rejected Hitler’s request? If he had not been the head of Germany, he would not have been murdered. If Hitler had been accepted by the Academy a second time, Hitler would have been established as an artist, not as a dictator Hitler.

Really radiation can give humans mutant powers like in comics?

Think again of that English soldier. If he had not shown mercy to Hitler, what would have happened? There was no such thing as Adolf Hitler. World War would not have been so terrible. So many Jews would not have died.

These small incidents could have changed the entire history of the world. Can you imagine? If these two small events had happened, the history of this world would have been different today. This is where the idea of ​​the butterfly effect comes in. A small change in one place can later be responsible for a large event elsewhere. This is known as the butterfly effect.

বাটারফ্লাই ইফেক্ট, The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

Mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz raised a particular question at the 139th session of the ‘American Association for the Advancement of Science’. The question was if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, can the flapping of wings cause a tornado in Texas?

Many people may think Edward Lorenz is mentally ill after hearing the question. Because – firstly, a tornado cannot be caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings or anything else. Second, if there was a tornado, how could it be in Texas instead of Brazil! But the answer to this question may not be what we know. Tornadoes can also be caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. In fact, this strange theory is called the ‘butterfly effect

“Usually things that can change the world include nuclear bombs, crazy politicians, massive earthquakes or mass movements. But due to modern thinking, people have realized that these are actually their misconceptions. According to Chaos Theory, changes in small things or events can change the entire world. When a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon jungle, it can cause a storm in the other half of Europe.”

Basically, the butterfly effect means – no matter how small a change you make in the past, there will be a big change in your future. The author used this effect brilliantly in the book The End of Eternity. The changes that will come will be huge.

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Ways that you can increase your survey response rates.

What is Survey Response Rate? 

The survey response rate is the number of people who responded to your survey divided by the total sample. 


Many people confuse survey response rate with survey completion rate. These are not always the same thing. 

If your survey allows incomplete responses or doesn’t adequately set up restrictions on things like open-ended questions and selection criteria, you could end up with incomplete responses. 

This outcome requires you to create both a Response Rate and a Completion Rate. 

Why is Survey Response Rate so important?

Response rate is the percentage of your sample that has participated in the survey. The more people in your sample size that complete the survey, the more trustworthy your data becomes as it is more representative of the population.

But the reason it matters to online survey creators like yourself is a little more complicated. 

Because online survey platforms use advanced targeting, and because many of these platforms pull survey responses from different panel providers and data farms around the world, different samples can contain wildly different potential response rates. 

These differences can slow down your results and jeopardize how trustworthy the final results are. 

1. Allow an escape: Not all survey providers are created equal. Some will tout high survey response rates by not letting users escape surveys once they have begun. This may increase completion rates, but will drastically lower data quality.

2.Keep it short: No one likes to take surveys forever, especially on a smartphone. So in order to get thoughtful responses at a high rate, keep it as short as possible. Take the survey yourself. Can you complete it in 5-10 minutes? If not, you may want to shorten it a bit.

3.Keep It Simple: Sometimes, getting great consumer insights requires survey-takers to do more than just answer a multiple-choice question. If you have more complex questions, consider simplifying them as best you can. For example, instead of sending users to your new website, provide pictures or videos that they can respond to.

4.Provide Good Directions: Ensuring all your questions are easily understood reduces escapes and will get you better responses.

5.Be considerate of survey respondents’ time: Let them know how long the survey will take to complete.

6.Show a progress bar: Respondents want to know how much longer the survey will take.

7.Optimize surveys for all devices: Nothing spikes escape rates faster than people not being able to read your survey. Make sure it works on all platforms and screen sizes.

8.Hit the target: Casting a wider net doesn’t always guarantee you will reach a relevant audience. Make sure you are targeting your survey appropriately.

9.Don’t Over-Target: Using unnecessary targeting can both reduce the pool of potential respondents and reduce your potential response rates. Be judicious about which targeting criteria you use. Think ahead to the insights you will gain and be sure you plan to use all targeting you add.

10.Ask relevant questions: Take care when writing survey questions that the audience you have selected has all available information to be able to answer. For example, don’t ask for opinions on the beach if you are not sure the population has ever seen the ocean.

11.Add screening questions: One great way to ensure you get qualified respondents is to add screening questions to qualify all respondents on certain essential criteria.

12.Avoid “Yes or No” Screening Questions: The fastest way to blow your response rate is to ask questions your respondents can’t answer. So make sure your screening question acceptance criteria don’t rely on “Yes” or “No” answers. Instead, ask something only a qualified person would know. This will help ensure that your survey respondents meet your criteria for a sample population – versus just looking for an incentive.

13.Keep question length short: It is best to keep each question under 140 characters to keep users engaged.

14.Avoid Matrix Questions: Matrix questions can be useful for getting a broad spectrum of opinions on a variety of subjects while only using up one question. So what’s the problem? Well, Matrix Questions take up a lot of screen space and require users to sort through a variety of questions and answers, which has been shown to increase escapes. Better to steer clear if you can avoid it.

 15.Avoid Open-Ended Questions: Open-ended questions are a great way to gain insight into a particular response–as a way to gain more detailed perceptions. But users always prefer tapping to typing, especially on mobile devices. And from a reporting standpoint, open-ended questions can be harder to gain insights from once the survey has concluded. So use them sparingly.

16.Try Unique Question Types: While Matrix questions can cause response rate issues, other unique question types like Sliders or Star Ratings can keep users engaged. Just don’t overuse them.

17.Shuffle Answers: Want to keep users engaged from beginning to end to avoid drop-off? Try shuffling the possible answers to each question.

18.Keep It Fun: Adding media files like pictures and videos can be a great way to keep users engaged. With Pollfish, users can add media files to Single/Multiple Selection, Rating, Slider, Open-Ended, Ranking, and Matrix questions.

19.Use Survey Logic: Another way to keep users engaged while adding a degree of powerful dimension to your survey is to use survey logic. Survey logic allows question branching, where you can ask a screening question, and then ask different sets of questions based on the answers. For example, let’s say you are launching a beer company. You may want to start by asking “Do You Drink Beer?” If the answer is Yes, you can get insights into their beer preferences. If the answer is No, you may want to learn more about why they don’t like beer so you can offer more enticing product choices in the future.

20.Don’t Repeat Yourself: Redundant questions can increase escape rates and annoy survey takers. Ensure you are asking unique questions. This will improve the consumer insights you get as well.

21.Don’t Use Jargon: Avoid using terms that are big in your field but that the average person wouldn’t know. Perhaps have a friend outside of your industry read through your survey first before launching if you are unsure.

22.Consider Branding Your Survey: Surveys from reputable brands get higher response rates. Some brands prefer to remain anonymous as existing brand perceptions can sometimes skew survey responses. But if response rates are a problem, consider adding your logo to add credibility and make respondents excited to join your study.

23.Try Promoting On Social Media: Most social platforms have native poll features, and in many cases, you can just share a link to your survey with your friends, groups, lists, and more. This can be a great way to distribute a survey.

24.Email Your Survey To Your Customers or Network: Response rates will likely be higher among people who know you and your brand. If applicable to your goals, start by emailing your survey to your existing customers or your personal network.

25.Buy Survey Respondents: If you are having trouble getting responses for your survey from friends or existing customers, you can consider buying survey responses from several available providers (Pollfish included). If the company is doing it right, you should be able to link up any existing survey you have and access their network of survey respondents easily.

26.Use A DIY Survey Tool: Most DIY Survey Tools allow you to create the survey and distribute it through their existing network, making it easier to get responses fast. The best ones will let you do both for one low price (wink wink).

27.Use A Survey That Has Worked Well In The Past: If you have a survey that has generated great response rates and powerful consumer insights in the past and you want to distribute it to a larger audience, don’t be afraid to explore your options. Pollfish partners with all major survey providers, giving you the power of over 600M engaged, real-time respondents worldwide.

28.Make Sure Your Survey Is Optimized For Mobile: One big distribution challenge is ensuring users can access it on any device. If you post a link on social media, for example, and your survey is not optimized for mobile, users may not be able to read it.

29.Make Sure Your Survey Provider Is Only Counting One Survey Per Person: Some survey providers don’t protect against the same survey being taken multiple times.

30.Use The Correct Language: If you are going to target around the world, be sure to use the correct language.

31.Research Regional Info To Be Sure Your Targeting Is Correct: Asking localized questions to an audience that is too broad is a surefire way to create confusion and alienate survey takers.

32.Use Tight Targeting, Where Needed: If your survey is meant to be local and you really want to target a tight local area, give it a try. Your survey response provider may not always have enough responses in the area, but if they can target down to Zip Code, Census Division, or Congressional District, you’d be surprised how often you can get the targeting you want. This will reduce your costs and provide better understanding and response rates among this more representative population.

33.Don’t Settle Due To Fees: If you are trying to reach a specialized audience but your survey audience provider is charging additional fees, shop around.

34.Add An Exciting Title: Get respondents excited to participate in your study with a great hook.

35.Make Them Feel Special: Survey respondents are more likely to complete your survey if they feel like the info they are providing will be put to good use. Make sure to explain the importance of the feedback you are getting from them with a quick note.

36.Outline Benefits To Customers: This is similar to making people feel special but slightly different. People like to feel like their responses will benefit them and customers like them so outlining the benefits to customers vs. the benefit to your company’s bottom line is a good way to go.

37.Sweeten The Pot: Incentives can be a powerful way to increase survey response rates. But BE CAREFUL. The wrong incentives can reduce data quality, increase faulty responses and produce untrustworthy insights.

38.Avoid Cash Incentives: While the most powerful incentive for most people is money, cash incentives for surveys create a market of professional survey takers rushing to complete your survey so they can move on to their next payday.

39.Avoid Airline Miles and Gift Card Incentives: Much like cash incentives, airline miles, and gift cards create similar issues with fraudulent responses. Ensure that, if you choose to use these incentives, your survey platform provides some sort of fraud monitoring to screen out low-quality results.

40.Keep Incentives Small: To avoid professional survey takers and other low-quality responses, keep incentives small, but enticing. One way researchers do this is by offering entrance to sweepstakes or giveaways. This way, users know there is only a chance of incentive.

41.Use App-Based Incentives: Mobile apps provide a great low-stakes incentive for market researchers to entice survey participation. That’s why Pollfish partners with app publishers to deliver surveys inside popular mobile apps. App-based incentives–extra lives in games, access to premium recipes–offer cash savings instead of a cash-based transferable incentive.

42.Phone A Friend: As suggested above, it is a good idea to have a friend take your survey. Make sure someone within your organization takes a look, as well as someone that you know who fits into the target population.

43.Test Survey Distribution Links: If you are distributing a link to your survey on your own, make sure the link is working.

44.Find Social Link: If posted to social, visit the platform, find the link and click to ensure it is functioning. Make sure the post is clear and any imagery looks as you expect.

45.Send Test Email: If you are sending via email, send yourself a test email before sending it publicly.

46.Be Sure To Preview: If you are using a DIY survey platform like Pollfish, make use of the Preview feature to look at your survey before you send it.

47.Consider Your Survey As A User: Try to put yourself in the shoes of the user. Go through the entire process like a user–whether that means visiting social media and finding the link or opening an email. Consider your titles, subject lines, imagery, and any other promotional materials. Do you feel excited to fill out the survey? Are you completely clear on how to fill out the survey or how long it will take?

48.Check-Out Survey Templates & Sample Results: If you want to get a glimpse of professionally approved best practices, including improving survey response rate, check out survey templates and samples. Your DIY survey platform should offer them, or you can find them by searching.

49.Get 24 / 7 Service & Support: If you are using a DIY survey platform, see if they offer 24 / 7 service and support via chat or phone. Have them take a look over your survey to check for any response-rate-boosting best practices you may have missed.

50.Hire An Expert: Unsure about the best way to create your perfect survey? Our support team can help check your survey and make sure it is perfect before you launch. But if you need more detailed expert assistance, you can hire a market research expert to build your survey for you. 

Thanks for your time.

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The beginning of the most popular search engine GOOGLE

Google! The most popular search engine in the world.

But how did Google’s journey begin? Who first came up with the idea of ​​launching something that would make people’s lives a thousand times easier!


Google was started by two young students at Stanford University in California, USA, who were doing their Ph.D. at the time. Their names are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google was created by these two people – now one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Tamara Manner, a computer scientist, was at Stanford at the same time as the two Google founders. This feature will be a part of my recollection of how his two friends Larry and Sergei came up with the idea of ​​a new type of search engine in the early days of the Internet.

Revolutionary change

In the mid-1990s. Two postgraduate students at Stanford came up with the idea – which later revolutionized the Internet world of human civilization.

Sergei Brin said, “We have always felt that such an initiative has business potential. But at that time our idea was to create a very good search engine and reach as many people as possible. ”

In the words of Larry Page, “Our mission was to streamline the world’s information, where people from all over the world could enter, benefiting everyone.” I thought it would be a great thing for the whole world. “

Larry laughed a lot. Besides, he was very intelligent and funny. Sergei, on the other hand, was a little serious. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Maybe it was a part of their personality and maybe that’s why Google has become such a different place.

Larry Page was born in Michigan. And Sergei Brin was born in Russia. However, both parents were academics and both came to Stanford to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science.

They first met in 1995. At the time, California’s Silicon Valley was a place of great potential. In Silicon Valley than the vibrancy of creation. Something new is being born everywhere. Everything is possible. One of the best things about the mid-1990s was that you could get a lot of great and attractive job offers at any one party.

Everywhere then start-ups – it means starting a new business, almost like an explosion. One-fourth of the graduate students at the time were start-ups. That was a wonderful place for a computer scientist.

Tamara worked in the same office with Larry Page and three others at Stanford. “When you meet Larry, you meet Sergei – because they’ve always been together,” he said. Even then, their friendship was not straightforward. ” Both later said that when they first met, they did not like each other at all.

New start:

In 1997, Page R. Brin launched a thesis project – How to Improve the Search for Different Pages on the Internet. Search engines say there was almost nothing then. Although it’s hard to imagine now, the process of finding something in the early days of the Internet was very chaotic and troublesome. If you want to find something then you have to rely on a hand-made index or index! Besides, there was no other way then.

“The world of the internet was so small back then that when someone clicked on my webpage, I kept logging in. What a thrill – someone clicked on my webpage!”

Page and Brin realize that when someone is looking for a webpage, it’s not just about being relevant, it’s about whether it’s valuable to previous users. For example, when you’re searching for ‘how to make a chocolate cake’, you’re not just looking for a page that has the word chocolate cake on it, you want that page – the page that other people have judged to be the best chocolate cake.

From this comes page ranking, algorithms – a new idea! Detailed information about this algorithm will be available in the second installment of Google Adopt!

This algorithm was used in a search engine called Backrub – it was launched by Page and Brin in 1998. Originally, this backbone was the predecessor of Google!


The following year, Page and Brin left the Stamford University campus. They raised ১০ 1 million with the help of friends, family, and a few investors, and started their own company. Its office was in Menlo Park, California, in a friend’s garage. From that garage office, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world today!

by spelling mistake, ‘Gogole’ became ‘Google’!

Backrub was so popular at the time that Stanford’s internet often crashed, unable to cope with the pressure. At this point, its two founders, Larry and Sergei, thought the company needed a new name.

That’s why everyone sat in a ‘brainstorming’ meeting to hear the ideas of different people. The decision taken at that meeting has now become a legend in the age of information technology. That’s where the name Google was suggested. That name is written on the whiteboard of Stanford University.

The name was GOOGOL – a mathematical word – meaning 100 zeros on the back of 1. But there was a spelling mistake in writing that – unintentionally, or who knows – maybe on purpose! GOOGLE! But that misspelling (‘G Double and GLOE’ / GOOGLE) eventually survived.

The domain name was registered on September 15, 1997. Creation is a new chapter!

Introduction to GOOGLE – DOODLE!

Shortly afterward, the first Google Doodle came out – a change in the Google logo that reminds us of a particular person, event, or day. The first doodle was about a burning man – meaning Page and Brin went on a trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Google has done many things that have not been done in the corporate world. Such as this Google doodle. The first doodle had a picture of a man on fire. Yet this Google Doodle changes its interface by remembering something special every day!

Google is now the most popular search engine in the world!

The search engine was very easy to use. All you have to do is type a word or two into their interface. The size of their company began to grow exponentially.

In August 2004, Google moved to its new headquarters in California. Whose name is Googleplex? That same year the company was listed on the stock market.

Google has become so much a part of our lives that it has become a noun and a verb. That misspelled ‘Google’ is now a noun! A verb! A brand!

Google is making hundreds of billions of dollars from advertising alone. They have been accused of tax evasion, monopoly power in the market, and censorship in China.

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This is Google’s first episode! In the second part, I will try to present all the details of the Google Algorithm.
Research References –
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Is it that true we lose brain cells? What makes it possible?

Today I wanna tell you the truth that we lose brain cells. What makes it possible?

In 1962, scientist Joseph Altman challenged this belief when he saw evidence of neurogenesis (the birth of neurons) in a region of the adult rat brain called the hippocampus. He later reported that newborn neurons migrated from their birthplace in the hippocampus to other parts of the brain.

In 1979, another scientist, Michael Kaplan, confirmed Altman’s findings in the rat brain, and in 1983 he found neural precursor cells in the forebrain of an adult monkey.

These discoveries about neurogenesis in the adult brain were surprising to other researchers who didn’t think they could be true in humans.

But in the early 1980s, a scientist trying to understand how birds learn to sing suggested that neuroscientists look again at neurogenesis in the adult brain and begin to see how it might make sense.

In a series of experiments, Fernando Nottebohm and his research team showed that the numbers of neurons in the forebrains of male canaries dramatically increased during the mating season. This was the same time in which the birds had to learn new songs to attract females.

Why did these bird brains add neurons at such a critical time in learning? Nottebohm believed it was because fresh neurons helped store new song patterns within the neural circuits of the forebrain, the area of the brain that controls complex behaviors.

These new neurons made learning possible. If birds made new neurons to help them remember and learn, Nottebohm thought the brains of mammals might too.

Other scientists believed these findings could not apply to mammals, but Elizabeth Gould later found evidence of newborn neurons in a distinct area of the brain in monkeys, and Fred Gage and Peter Eriksson showed that the adult human brain produced new neurons in a similar area.

For some neuroscientists, neurogenesis in the adult brain is still an unproven theory. But others think the evidence offers intriguing possibilities about the role of adult-generated neurons in learning and memory.


Cells of all of our tissues are always dying, some at a faster rate than others, even in the absence of trauma, toxins (like alcohol), or disease.

In the aggregate, the number of brain cells slowly grows as our body grows (ie) new cells outnumber dying cells, with growth spurts in infancy and teen years that correspond to growth spurts in the rest of our bodies, and result in leaps in learning and behavioral sophistication during those years.

At about age 21, the total mass of our brain cells plateaus at its maximum, meaning cell death is just balanced by cell growth. In the mid-’20s, the brain cell mass starts to fall, at a slow steady rate that would cross the zero line at about age 110, likely reflecting cell death without much new growth. This is of course, based on average estimates, so there are a few exceptional people who seem to retain the impressive mental capacity for their ages.

The explanation for this is to be found under the topic “senescence” in cell biology. Human cell lines seem to be programmed to have a finite lifetime on the order of a century, after which the cell lines, either individual long-lived cells or the whole family of cells derived from the first ancestor to the last descendent, lose the capacity to continue living or reproducing.


Every time a neuron in the brain is recovering from activity there is a statistical probability that it will undergo an excitotoxic seizure and be destroyed. In a healthy brain, the strong cleansing circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) maintains a virtually negligible probability for that type of neuron destruction. However, as the infrastructure in the brain ages, the pumped volume of CSF circulating through the brain gradually decreases, and at a critically low volume of CSF circulating through the brain the probability for neuron destruction during recovery from activity increases sufficiently to cause the onset of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

But seriously, we do lose a lot of brain cells as we age. After age 40, the human brain shrinks about 5% every 10 years and is still faster after age 70 (1). The cerebral gyri (folds) become narrower, the sulci (grooves between the gyri) become wider, the cortex (grey matter) gets thinner, and there’s more space between the brain and skull.

Here’s a comparison of MRI images of the brain of a 27-year-old (left) and 87-year-old (right) (2).

It’s not known for certain how much brain shrinkage is due to loss of neurons (nerve cells) versus supporting cells (neuroglia) that constitute the brain, or due to actual loss of neurons versus reduction in the size and extent of branching of existing neurons (3).

Some of the loss of brain volume in old age may be due not to cellular loss but water loss

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২ ডলারের ফেসবুক অ্যাড, ফেসবুকের সাথে বাটপারি এবং এর পরিণাম

ফেসবুক অ্যাড এর ক্ষেত্রে এখন প্রায়ই শোনা যায়, যে আমি বুস্ট করছি কিন্তু রেজাল্ট পাচ্ছিনা ।

আজকের আলাপ আলোচনা তাই ফেসবুক অ্যাড নিয়ে

কোন জায়গাটায় না দুই নাম্বারি হচ্ছে?

বিকাশের প্রতারকচক্র আছে,

কিছুদিন আগে শুনলাম যে করোনার টিকা এখানেও নাকি ফোন করে প্রতারণা করা হচ্ছে,

অনেক ফ্রীলান্সিং মারকেটপ্লেস নষ্ট হয়ে গেছে বিভিন্ন রকম প্রতারণার দায়ে,

এখন শুরু হয়েছে ফেসবুকে।

কথা হচ্ছে যে নিজের দেশে আপনি হয়তো বা বাটপারি করে, প্রতারণা করে অনেক কিছু হয়তো হাতিয়ে নেয়ার কথা চিন্তা করতে পারবেন, কিন্তু আন্তর্জাতিকভাবে আপনি যদি এটা করতে চান তাহলে আমার মনে হয় না এটা সম্ভব। আর সেটা যদি হয় ফেসবুকের মত বিরাট প্লাটফর্ম তাহলে তো অবশ্যই না।

দুই ডলারের ফেসবুক অ্যাড, ফেসবুক এর সাথে বাটপারি, এবং এর পরিণাম

একটু বিস্তারিতভাবে বলি, একটা সময় ফেসবুক থেকে কুপন দেয়া হতো সেখানে একটা কোড থাকত এবং আপনি সেই কোডটি নিজে ব্যবহার না করে অন্য কারো কাছে বিক্রি করতে পারতেন, কেউ আপনাকে টাকা দিত আপনি কোডটা দিয়ে দিতেন, সেই কোডটা ব্যবহার করে তারা অ্যাড দিতে পারতো যদিও সেটা ফেসবুক পলিসির বাইরে ছিল।


ফেসবুকে আর একটা ব্যাপার আছে যে ব্যাপারটার সুযোগ নিয়ে ফেসবুকের সাথে প্রতারণা করা হচ্ছে, সেটা হচ্ছে ফেসবুকের অ্যাড অ্যাকাউন্ট এ থেরাসহোল্ড আছে সেটা কিরকম? সেটা হচ্ছে আপনি আপনার কার্ডে ফেসবুকে অ্যাড করবেন এরপর ফেসবুক আপনাকে দুই ডলারের একটি থেরাসহোল্ড দিবে, থেরাসহোল্ড এর পরিমাণ আগে আরো বেশি ছিল কিন্তু ফেসবুকই আমাদের এই কাহিনী দেখে এটার পরিমাণ কমিয়ে দিয়েছে, তারপরও এই দুই নাম্বারি গুলা বন্ধ হয়নি।


দুই নাম্বারি কি রকম? আপনার কার্ডে টাকা নেই আপনি সেই কার্ড ফেসবুকে এড করেছেন, ফেসবুকে অ্যাড দিয়েছেন সেই অ্যাড ২ ডলার পর্যন্ত চলেছে,এরপর ফেসবুক যখন নিয়ম অনুযায়ি ২ ডলার পর টাকা কাটতে গেছে, তখন তারা আপনার কার্ডে কোন টাকা পায়নি এবং না পেয়ে তারা আপনার অ্যাড একাউন্ট বন্ধ করে দিয়েছে।


কিন্তু আপনার ২ ডলার অ্যাড হয়ে গেল ২ ডলারে আপনি কিছু সেল পেলেন , লাইক পেলেন আরো অনেক কিছু পেলে্‌ এখন চিন্তা করেন এরা কি করছে তারা ফেক অ্যাকাউন্ট তৈরি করছে, একশটা অ্যাকাউন্ট যদি তৈরি করতে পারে তাহলে ১০০ থেকে ২০০ ডলারের অ্যাড দিতে পারছে।


এই ফেক অ্যাকাউন্ট খোলে তারা সাধারণ মানুষজনের কাছে, যারা অনলাইনে বিজনেস করে তাদের কাছে “কুপন” বলে বিক্রি করছেন ৩০ টাকা ৪০ টাকা ৫০ টাকা এরকম করে, এবং যারা কিনছেন তারা মনে করছে যে ১০০ টাকা বা ১১০ টাকা বা ১১৫ টাকা এরকম দিয়ে অ্যাড করলে অনেক সময় দেখা যায় যে আমার প্রোডাক্ট সেল হয় না আমার অ্যাডর টাকাই উঠেনা তো সেই জায়গায় আমি ৩০ টাকা ৪০ টাকা দিয়ে আমি যদি অ্যাড দিতে পারি তাহলে অন্ততপক্ষে আমার অ্যাডর টাকা উঠে আসবে। চিন্তা না করেই, জেনেশুনে আগুনে পা দেওয়ার মতো অবস্থা তৈরি হচ্ছে।


এখন ফেসবুক কোন কুপন দিচ্ছে না যেটা দিচ্ছে সেটা হচ্ছে ক্রেডিট যেখানে কোনো কোড নেই নেই, এই কুপনগুলা গুলা বিক্রি করার কোনো সুযোগ নেই, যেসব অ্যাকাউন্ট কুপন পাচ্ছে সেসব অ্যাকাউন্টটি সেটি ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন তবে কুপন/ক্রেডিট পাওয়া এতো সহজ নয়।


আমি প্রায় দেড় হাজার ডলার খরচ করার পর আমাকে দেড় ডলারের মত ক্রেডিট দেয়া হয়েছিল।প্রাথমিক একটা পেনাল্টি ফেসবুকে দিয়েছে ১৫ ডলার থেকে নিয়ে ২ ডলারে নিয়ে এসেছে, এরকম যদি হতেই থাকে এবং পেনাল্টি শুধু এতোটুকু ই না পেনাল্টি হচ্ছে অনেক, যেহেতু বিভিন্ন রকম করে ফেক একাউন্ট করে এই কাজগুলো করা হচ্ছে তাই অনেক অরজিনাল একাউন্টও রেস্ট্রিক্টেড হয়ে যাচ্ছে ফেসবুক অ্যাড থেকে, তাহলে যারা অরিজিনাল ভাবে কাজ করছে তারাও কিন্তু ঠিকমতো কাজ করতে পারছে না।


অনেক পার্সোনাল একাউন্ট ডিজেবল হয়ে যাচ্ছে, কেন? ফেসবুক দেখছে যে অনেক পার্সোনাল একাউন্ট থেকে এই কাজগুলা হচ্ছে। যে পার্সোনাল অ্যাকাউন্টে একটু সন্দেহ করছে ফেসবুক ডিজেবল করে দিচ্ছে এবং এর ধারাবাহিকতায় অনেক অ্যাড একাউন্ট ডিজেবল হয়ে যাচ্ছে পার্মানেন্ট ভাবে, এবং আরো খারাপ খবর হচ্ছে অনেকে এখন অ্যাড একাউন্ট করতে পারছে না, একাউন্ট করার সাথে সাথে ডিজেবল হয়ে যাচ্ছে।


কোথায় যাচ্ছি আমরা? বিকাশে প্রতারণা হচ্ছে এবং তারা বিভিন্ন রকম ভাবে সে প্রতারণায় কেউ যেন না পড়ে সেজন্য সাবধান করে দিচ্ছে এটাই স্বাভাবিক।

তাহলে যখন এরকম হবে ফেসবুক তো চুপচাপ বসে থাকবে না এবং ফেসবুক চুপচাপ বসে থাকেও নি। এরকম হতে থাকলে আমার মনে হয় যে বাংলাদেশের অধিকাংশ একাউন্ট ডিজেবল হয়ে যাবে পার্মানেন্টলি এবং নতুন করে কোনো অ্যাকাউন্টও করাও যাবেনা অথবা ফেসবুক এরকম নিয়ম করে দিবে যার পেজ তার নিজস্ব অ্যাড একাউন্ট থাকতে হবে ।তাহলে অ্যাড দিতে পারবে।


আর এটা যদি হয় তাহলে ৭০-৮০ শতাংশ ফেসবুক পেজ বন্ধ হয়ে যাবে কারন সবার পক্ষে ফেসবুকে নিজে নিজে অ্যাড দেওয়া সম্ভব না কারন এখানে কার্ডের ব্যাপার থাকে, স্কিল এর ব্যাপার থাকে, এখানে আরো অনেক ব্যাপার থাকে তাই আমার মনে হয় এখনো সুযোগ আছে এই জায়গা থেকে সরে আসার, আপনারা যারা মনে করছেন যে ১০০ টাকা, ১১০ টাকা এরকম দিয়ে বুস্ট করলে খরচ ও উঠে না।এরকম মনে করে যারা বিজনেস করছেন আমি বলব যে এরকম মনে করে বিজনেস ফিল্ডে আপনাদের নামা উচিত না।


আপনি যখন একটা বিজনেস করতে নামবেন আপনাকে রিস্কের ব্যাপারটা মাথায় রেখেই নামতে হবে, আপনার লস হবে সেটা আপনাকে মাইন্ডে নিয়েই নামতে হবে, এখানে কোনো ফাঁকফোকরে যাওয়া যাবে না যে আমি ২০ টাকা দিয়ে ৩০ টাকা দিয়ে ডলার কিনে যদি কিছু বিক্রি করতে পারি আমার অ্যাড এর খরচ উঠে গেল, এভাবে বিজনেস হয়না, আপনি বিজনেস করতে পারছেন না আর যারা ভালো করে বিজনেস করছে, ঠিকমতো বিজনেস করছে তাদেরও করতে দিচ্ছেন না ।


আমার মনে হয় যে এখনো সময় আছে এই জায়গাগুলো থেকে বের হয়ে আসার ফেসবুকের পলিসি, ফেসবুকের টেকনোলজি অনেক হাই অনেক এডভান্সড, তাই এখানে আপনি মানে কি বলবো তাই এখানে আপনি ওই চিন্তা করবেন না যে ফেসবুকে কোনভাবে যদি কিছু করা যায় তাহলে হয়ে গেলো।

এগুলো করা যাবে না, “করা যাবে না” বলেও লাভ হবে কিনা জানিনা তবে আমার মনে হয় যে এখনো সময় আছে এই চিন্তা করবেন না, এফ কমার্স অথবা ফেসবুক বিজনেস কে যদি বাঁচিয়ে যদি রাখতে চান আপনাদেরকে সঠিক পথে সঠিকভাবে ফেসবুকে কাজ করতে হবে এটাই একমাত্র শর্ত এর কোন বিকল্প নেই।

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