Increase views on YouTube videos! Here some effective ways.

There’s no one-fits-all answer to this question. The number of views your YouTube videos get will depend on various factors such as the topic, production value, length, and promotion.

But by upping your views, you can also increase your chances of being discovered by new viewers, which is essential for growing your channel and making money on YouTube.

Having said that, you can do a few things to increase your chances of getting more views. Here are some actionable tips:

How can you Increase Views on your YouTube Channel?

1. Write Attention-Grabbing Titles to Increase Views

No, we’re not encouraging you to write clickbait. Instead, focus on creating titles that accurately reflect the content of your video while being creative and interesting enough to make people want to click.

Your title should give viewers a general idea of the video. At the same time, it should be short, sweet, and to the point.

Make sure to include relevant keywords that people might search for on YouTube. It will help your video come up on search results.

Dr. Mike does a great job of this. His video titles are to the point and self-explanatory.

Here’s another creator that gets it right. Instead of just titling the video ‘’Workout for a 6 Pack’’, he makes it descriptive and inviting enough for people to click.

2. Add a Custom Thumbnail

Adding a custom thumbnail can help increase your click-through rate and, as a result, get more views.

Thumbnails are little images that give viewers a preview of your video. By default, YouTube generates random thumbnails for you to choose from. But we recommend you upload a custom thumbnail to make your video look more professional and trustworthy.

When creating a thumbnail, ensure it’s high quality and relevant to the video. Most importantly, it should be enticing enough to make viewers want to click. Take a page out of Mr. Beast’s book.

That thumbnail is descriptive of the video title. Plus, it’s on-brand for the creator.

3. Create Playlists

YouTube playlists are a great way to keep your viewers engaged with your channel while allowing them to explore new content. You can create a playlist for almost anything, whether a group of your favorite songs, a compilation of videos from a specific theme, or a series of how-to guides.

4. Use End Screens to Increase Views

Another way to get more views on your YouTube videos is to add an End Screen. An End Screen is a YouTube feature that allows you to promote other content on your channel and external websites in the last few seconds of your video.

You can use an End Screen to promote up to four videos, playlists, or channels on YouTube or link to an approved website. You can also encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and link to your merchandise.

Firstly, it’s essential to verify your account.

Youtube end screen feature

Is your youtube channel verified to Increase Views?

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the option to add an End Screen when you create a new video or edit an existing one. Here’s an example of how the Jimmy Fallon Show uses this feature.

5. Ask Your Audience

There’s no better way to get more views on your YouTube videos than to ask your audience what they want to watch. For example, if you have a tech channel, you can ask your audience what devices or software they want you to review.

If you have a cooking channel, you can ask your audience for recipe ideas or fun YouTube challenges. The key is to be responsive to your audience’s suggestions and give them the content they want.

You can use YouTube’s Community tab to ask your audience questions or ask them in the video itself. Either way, ensure you’re regularly asking your audience what they want to see and then delivering their desired content.

You can also use social media for this. For example, put up a question tab on your Instagram story and ask your followers what type of videos they want to see. You can also use Twitter or Facebook polls.

On the one hand, your audience’s feedback helps you set SMART digital marketing goals. On the other hand, it increases views because the audience is getting what they asked for.

6. Enable Embedding to Increase Views

When you enable embedding on your YouTube videos, your viewers can choose to embed your videos on other websites. It lets you increase the reach of your videos and helps promote your YouTube channel.

Here’s how to enable embedding:

  • Go to Creator Studio.
  • Go to the edit page for the video.
  • In Advanced Setting, go to Distribution options and tick Allow Embedding.

If you enable embedding, people who like your videos can post them on their websites, which can help you get more views. Suppose you review gadgets on your YouTube channel.

If you enable embedding, a technology blog might embed one of your gadget reviews on their website. It could help you attract new viewers who might be interested in your channel.

7. Tap Into Influencer Marketing to Increase Views

Earth Web data revealed there are 3.2 to 37.8 million influencers worldwide, spread across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. That explains the increasing trend of influencer marketing, especially on social media.

You can create an influencer strategy to get more views on your YouTube videos. Here’s how to do it.

  • Suppose you’re a lifestyle brand selling fashion and home decor products. You want your YouTube channel to come to life.
  • Your first step is to identify the right influencers. Let’s say you’ve decided to work with three influencers with 50,000 and 100,000 followers. Or, you can work with micro-influencers to reach the niche market.
  • Your next step is to contact the influencers and pitch your idea. You can offer to pay them or give some other compensation, such as free products or services.
  • These influencers can post about you on their social media channels, such as Instagram and TikTok. For example, they can link to your affiliate videos in their Instagram stories.
  • In this way, their followers will become aware of your channel and watch your videos. You can also ask the influencers to mention you in their YouTube videos.

The purpose of influencer marketing is to reach a larger audience. So it’s a win-win situation for both you and the influencers.

Shein, Fashion Nova, and Princess Polly are some of the many brands working with social media fashion and lifestyle influencers.

8. Follow the Best YouTube SEO Practices to Increase Views

You’ll only get more views if you appear at the top of the search results. To accomplish that, you need to step up your YouTube SEO game.

Here are a few good practices:

  • Keywords in Titles and Descriptions: When people come to YouTube, they enter keywords, or phrases, to find the videos they’re looking for. You want your video to show up when those keywords are entered. So put them in your title and description. & Tube Buddy is an excellent tools to help you find the right keywords for your videos.
  • Annotations: You can add notes to your videos that pop up at certain times. These can help guide viewers to take specific actions, like subscribing to your channel or checking out your website.
  • Thumbnails: The thumbnail is the first thing people see when they come across your video in the search results. So make sure it’s something eye-catching that accurately represents what the video is about.
  • Tags: Tags are like keywords for your videos. They help YouTube understand what your video is about, and they can also help it show up in the search results.

9. Partner With Other YouTubers

Guest appearances, mash-ups, and interviews with other creators are great ways to get more views and subscribers on YouTube. Collaborating with other YouTubers can help you tap into new audiences and gain exposure for your channel.

For example, if you make commentary videos about pop culture, consider reaching out to a YouTuber who creates similar content and see if they’d be interested in doing a crossover video with you. You can also do a guest appearance on another channel or have another YouTuber interview you for their show.

For instance, Brand Mondo, a hair stylist, and Dr. Mike did a crossover. Dr. Mike posted the following video on his channel while Mondo helped him choose outfits.

Likewise, Mondo also posted a video on his channel where Dr. Mike explains how to cure dry scalp and dandruff. As evident, the video content was relevant to each creator’s specific audience.

When doing YouTube partnerships and crossovers with other creators, you must ensure you create content relevant to your audience and branded for your channel.

10. Host a Giveaway

What could be better than getting free stuff? Hosting a giveaway can bring in more viewers for your YouTube videos. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and get them involved in your content.

Give away something that resonates with your brand and brings you closer to your audience. If you are a vlogger who consistently gets questions on the type of camera that you use or how to set your lighting up, consider giving away a content creator kit with your best goodies.

You can keep rules as simple as liking a video, leaving a comment, and subscribing to your channel. Alternatively, you can make the entry requirements exciting by coming up with creative challenges for your viewers to complete.

Make sure to promote your giveaway across social media platforms to get as many people involved as possible. You can also partner with other YouTubers who have a similar audience to yours to help reach more people.

11. Optimize Your Channel

Optimizing your YouTube channel is instrumental to its success. You can’t have incomplete information or a poor design and expect to draw in viewers and keep them engaged. Here are some tips for optimizing your channel:

  • If you’re a company or brand, make sure your profile picture is your logo.
  • Set a relevant banner image that shows your latest campaign, product, or event. It should be a minimum of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Even non-designers can do wonders with the tools available today.
  • Have a description that’s keyword rich and tells viewers what they can expect from your channel. YouTube has a 1000-character limit, so use it wisely. Incorporate keywords and keep the description to the point.
  • Add links to your social media channels and website.

The key is filling in your About section, so potential viewers know what to expect from your channel. Regular updates and a consistent posting schedule are essential to keeping viewers engaged.

5-Minute Crafts, one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, keeps it precise and simple. They’ve also added a link to their shop so that people know where to buy merchandise.

12. Choose the Right Time to Publish

Fortunately, YouTube now gives you a “When your viewers are on YouTube” report in your Analytics that tells you when your viewers are watching YouTube.

With this information, you know when is the best time to publish your video. Make sure you publish videos when your viewers are most active to maximize your chances of being seen.

13. Transcribe Your YouTube Videos

You might be losing out on view because of language constraints or disabilities. The best solution is to transcribe your videos. You can use a tool like oTranscribe, a free and open-source web app, to transcribe your videos.

Or, you can hire transcription professionals from sites like Fiverr and Upwork for increased accuracy.

Final Words

As evident, there are several ways to increase views on your YouTube channel. You should also promote your content on other social media platforms. Additionally, you can work with influencers and create playlists to grow your online presence. Plus, engage your audience, encourage them to subscribe to your channel, partner with other content creators, and create SEO-friendly titles and tags.


Easy Ways to Increase Views On YouTube Videos

How can you Increase Views on your YouTube Channel?

There’s no one-fits-all answer to this question. The number of views your YouTube videos get will depend on various factors such as the topic, production value, length, and promotion.

But by upping your views, you can also increase your chances of being discovered by new viewers, which is essential for growing your channel and making money on YouTube.

Having said that, you can do a few things to increase your chances of getting more views. Here are some actionable tips:

To increase your YouTube video views legitimately, first and foremost, you’ll have to brush up on your YouTube SEO practices. This means:

  1. Knowing which keywords to use. Keywords are people’s search phrases and queries. If you want your video to be discoverable, you’ll have to use the right keywords. Opt for long-tail (meaning, more descriptive and accurate) keywords, since they are easier to rank for. The broader your keyword is, the harder it is going to be to rank for it. For example, instead of trying to rank for “cute dogs”, try to rank for “cute dogs doing silly things”.
  2. Optimizing Your Video Titles. YouTube cuts video titles off at 66 characters, so make sure your titles are shorter than that and are concise. If your audience can see what your video will be about, they are more likely to click on it.
  3. Optimize Your Thumbnails. This is very, very important. Make sure your thumbnails are clear and appealing. Also, your thumbnails should complement your video title – so make sure they go together well.
  4. Optimize Your Video Descriptions. Your video description is prime real estate for using keywords. Make sure you insert your keywords at the beginning of the description and up to 3 other times throughout and write for people. Give a description of your video using proper language and writing rules – don’t just type out your keywords over and over again because that’s not going to fly with YouTube’s algorithm.
  5. Create Playlists. YouTube is likely to recommend other videos from your playlists, and curating your content will make viewing it a much more pleasant experience for your viewers.

Also, there are many ways to grow a YouTube channel faster than only in some months.

• By investing some money

• Without investing any money

By paid methods, you can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords— these will automatically boost your ad by increasing the views, and if the audience like your content then they will surely subscribe to your channel. You should run ads on your best video which you think that this video can grow more in the future and you can add your success stories on ads you can also promote your channel by giving money to other successful YouTubers to promote your channel And also there are other paid methods you can apply to grow.

But if you don’t want to invest any money to Increase Views, in that case, 👇👇

• Let’s be more focussed on every social media platform like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc to grow your followers or network there. Put stories, posts, etc there related to your content daily and consistently.

• And upload more and more videos on daily basis.

Focus on your content to Increase Views— how good it is. Try to improve it. For example, if your channel is based on teaching then watch other top YouTubers’ videos to improve your videos.

Focus on your thumbnail to Increase Views, it should be very attractive and with some hidden concept in it that people should click on it. Try to improve your video editing because good and attractive editing can boost your channel’s views very fast.  Make shorts as much as possible Because it can increase your subscribers. YouTube virals the shorts very fast, you just focus on your content.

JUST REMEMBER THIS …You Can Definitely Do it!!!!! Don’t GIVE UP By Uploading Only some Videos and then Quit. Then you cannot grow there.

The next thing you’ll have to do is be consistent with your uploading schedule and promote your videos on other social media networks and platforms. This will keep your followers on all social media outlets notified whenever you upload new content and they’ll be sure to watch it.

Final Words

As evident, there are several ways to increase views on your YouTube channel. You should also promote your content on other social media platforms. Additionally, you can work with influencers and create playlists to grow your online presence. Plus, engage your audience, encourage them to subscribe to your channel, partner with other content creators, and create SEO-friendly titles and tags.

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What is Li-Fi technology? How does LiFi work? History of LiFi Technology,

Li-fi and Wi-fi are not the same things. Many people make the same mistake. Internet that is available through Light is called Li-fi. In today’s episode we will discuss what is Li-fi, history of Li-fi, how it works, benefits of Li-fi, when will Li-fi come, and Wi-fi Vs Li-fi. Make our writing worthwhile from the end.

Li-fi’s full-form Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi is a wireless optical networking technology that transmits data through lights. It is supposed to be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. But still, the actual speed is not sure. Dramas, songs, etc will be downloaded in a blink of an eye on Li-Fi.

We know that we get an internet connection through light. The Wi-Fi we use today is transmitted through optical fiberglass, reducing the speed by about 40%. On the other hand, Li-fi can be used through household lamps. So wi-fi is considered to be nothing in front of the speed of li-fi.

History of LiFi Technology:

Professor Harald Hasch of Edinburgh University is the inventor of Li-fi. He first unveiled and introduced Li-Fi in 2011. He showed everyone how to communicate with a light. After the test results of Li-fi vs Wi-fi, li-fi was found to be much faster than wi-fi.

He then joined a company to further develop Li-Fi. And that company is called PURELIFI. Although many companies are currently working on li-fi.

How does LiFi work?

We first give an example with TV and remote. Then you will understand. When we give a signal to the TV with the remote, the channel of the TV changes. But why is this? Let’s find out.

We have seen that there is a light attached to the front of the TV remote. Also called an infrared bulb. Then, when you press a button on the remote, the specific signal on the remote lights up. Seeing the light from the remote, the sensor on the front of the TV understands it and works accordingly.

Suppose, to change the TV channel, if the light on the remote blinks twice, the channel changes. That is, whenever the remote is pressed, different signals are sent to the TV. And the TV understands the remote signal because the TV is pre-programmed.

Our li-fi technology is very much like that. But our TV remote has only one bulb installed. But Li-Fi will have lots of bulbs installed so that data transfer is faster and many people can use it simultaneously. Now let’s come to work.

First, the internet will come to your router from the li-fi Net server. Then the data will be transferred from the router to the light or bulb and you will get the service from there.

If I want to say in the language of the book, then I will say that the light from the LED bulb captures data at frequencies. And the data is exchanged, through LiFi-supported devices. Then a PhotoSensitive Detector converts the light frequencies into signals and converts them into electronic data systems. And that’s how Li-Fi works.

Although the technology is only being used in industrial applications, it will soon make its way into smart homes. It is predicted that future home and building automation will continue to rely on LiFi to be fast and secure.

Advantages of LiFi (Lifi vs Wifi):

From what we have known so far, we may have known about the benefits of fast speed. Now let’s know about some more benefits.

1. The first advantage we already know is its great speed. On Li-Fi you can get speeds up to around 100 GBPS. Also, Li-fi has 10,000 times more frequency than Wi-fi.

2. Since Li-fi has a higher frequency, many people can use it simultaneously. But when the number of users on Wi-fi is high, the net becomes slow. So Li-Fi will be the best technology for network sharing.

3. Li-fi connects through room lights, so only you get that data when your room lights are on. No one outside the house can use the Li-fi you bought with your money. And no one will know that you are running Li-Fi. On the other hand, if you run wifi, it goes out through the wall and others connect if you know the password. As a result wifi speed decreases.

4. Since Li-fi runs on light, you can direct it towards you. As a result, there will be no signal loss and the speed of data exchange will increase. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi signal spreads around and causes a lot of loss. And you don’t get real speed either. So Li-Fi will be the latest benchmark of internet speed.

5. There are many places where radio or wireless signals are prohibited. There also you this technology

can use Because it doesn’t need wireless to use it. For example – A wireless signal or network is turned off in various factories. Because many times there is a danger of accident from the net signal. Again, the network is not available on the plane. So you can use LiFi even there if you want.

And the most interesting thing is that you can use Li-Fi even under deep clear water. Because we know that normal wireless signals don’t work underwater, but light signals do.

When you use Li-Fi, you will see many more benefits. Because using it gives a real idea about a thing. Let’s demystify some Li-Fi myths. Maybe you also believe in this rumor. Let’s put the rumors to rest.

6. Another big advantage of LiFi is that the use of solar allows LiFi connections to happen almost instantaneously because light travels at such a high speed. This leads to faster transmission of knowledge and faster internet connections – about 100 times faster than speeds achievable by WiFi.

Misconceptions about Lifi:

1. Many of us know that LiFi will be 100 times faster than WiFi. But to me, it seems like a rumor. Because of the wi-fi we use, the latest technology can provide speeds up to 700 GBPS. Such speeds have not yet been found in LiFe’s experiments. So LiFi will never be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Maybe through research, it can be 2x faster shortly.

2. Movies or large files will download in 1/2 second on li-fi, it’s not that realistic. because We currently hear about 700 Gbps internet speed of wifi. But service providers doubt whether we can get a maximum of 100 Mbps from our line. And Li-Fi how do you expect so much speed? Maybe this speed will be officially applied for some big work.

Where is Li-Fi technology used?

Li-Fi technology is widely used in various applications such as healthcare, education, retail, aviation, exhibition industry, etc. . Healthcare is one of the primary application areas within the global Li-Fi market. Hospitals have always received technology in the form of wired connections.

Mar 6, 2019. Indonesia is among the first countries to power LiFi in a primary education center. Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Global lighting leader Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) has announced that it is working with around 30 customers in Europe, North America, and Asia to launch its commercial LiFi system.

Is Li-Fi technology harmful?

In contrast, LiFi transmits data through light waves in the spectrum, so is completely free from harmful radio-frequency radiations. Similarly, LiFi technology is often used in environments where WiFi is considered a threat.

Can LiFi be hacked?

Li-Fi uses visible light. … Li-Fi works on existing protocols and unlike Wi-Fi does not require routers or hotspots. It can transmit data at much higher speeds than conventional Wi-Fi systems. Furthermore, since light cannot pass through walls, it is thought that Li-Fi signals cannot be easily hacked.

Can LiFi replace WiFi?

In line with WirelessSquare, Leaf-E, the use of solar energy to provide a wireless Internet connection, could become the most common source of communication in buildings within the next 10 years. Basically, it will be a game-changer, using LED lights to create WiFi.

What is the cost of LiFi?

The lamp costs around $841 and comes with a dongle. Only a single person can use the lamp at a time (multiple user support is due later this year), so you can’t buy extra dongles.

When will Li-Fi technology come?

Already, various big IT organizations have started working using LiFi. Also to use Li-Fi you need to buy Li-Fi supported mobile. Renowned mobile manufacturing companies are working towards making mobiles Li-Fi supported.

As some companies continue to work with Li-Fi technology, it is assumed that LiFi will be used in 2022. No word on pricing.

Last word: You don’t have to worry about Li-fi. Because our phone is not Li-Fi supported. If anyone buys a Li-Fi-supported phone, then come and tell the speed in the comment box, Inshallah.

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How to understand and solve my mobile hacked

Hacking anything has become a normal thing in this age of internet and information technology. Information has become very important in the age of information technology. And to collect all these information, apart from the hackers, various technology service providers are working on mobile hacking in different ways.

And now almost all the information we need is in the smartphone. All the information from personal to bank is in our smartphone. So our smartphones are on the first choice list of hackers. Today I will see if our mobile hacked and how we can survive the hack.

How to know if my mobile hacked?

1. Does your phone sometimes auto turn on or off or does any app on the phone turn on without any reason? If this happens then you have to be careful with the phone.

2. You may very recently feel that your phone is not providing as much battery back-up as you would like. Although the phone is new, the charge does not last long. So the battery is damaged. Actually it is not. Maybe your mobile hacked. It may also happen that the battery is draining due to apps running in the background of your phone unknowingly.

Hackers keep apps or websites running in the background of your phone for their information, due to which the extra charge is draining.
In this case, you should know that your phone battery is dead or the mobile hacked, so quickly show the phone battery with a technician.

3. Your smartphone is getting too hot. It’s normal for the phone to get hot while using it, but it’s another thing if it gets too hot. It can be seen that if the phone gets too hot with little or no use, then the mobile hacked.

It can be seen that the hacker is doing apps or other work on the phone without your knowledge. When someone uses the phone remotely, the phone will heat up.

4. You seem to have put the phone down, the phone’s camera is on for no reason or the volume is turning up or down. The behavior of the phone may seem like it’s a technician’s problem but sometimes hackers do it.

So have a technician check the phone if there is any problem.

Reasons and Solutions for Android Phone Hanging.

1. Use any kind of public WiFi. Because public Wi-Fi gets hacked when someone is using it, hackers can mobile hacked.

2. We get different types of messages on our phones, there are different types of links. In addition, different types of messengers, e-mails, such as: You have received many dollars from this company, so click on the link.

Never click there as it may contain many viruses. Never click on unknown links without understanding.

3. Never use auto log in or auto save option in browser. Because if a hacker somehow gets control of your phone, then he will know all the saved passwords of the phone in a moment.

4. Apps should not be downloaded from any unknown store outside of Google Play Store. Because Google always checks apps and brings them to the Play Store, so there is no fear. Other companies apps have many problems due to which can be mobile hacked.

5. Google Play Auto Update: Google Play Store is the easiest way to get software for Android phones. This Google play store may cause your phone to hang. I am now telling you what could be the reason for the phone to hang. After going to Google Play Store, click on the three dot menu on the left side. After clicking, first you will see My apps & games, click there. After clicking you will see 4 options will come one after the other.

UPDATES INSTALLED LIBRARY BETA will have these 4 options. First there are UPDATES. Now you will see all the software updates needed on your phone will be shown in the form of a list. Here, if AUTO UPDATES is on, then all the software will start updating simultaneously as soon as you connect the internet to your phone, which will put a lot of pressure on the phone.

Solution: UPDATES option in Google Play store can never be Auto. Manual should always be kept so that Auto Update does not start as soon as the internet connection is given. Then the phone will never be a problem.

6. Space: Another main reason for Android phone problems is not having enough space on your phone. Because most of the space in the phone memory / internal memory takes up space in the system. System means all the software needed to run the phone is installed in the phone memory System.

And if you install software more than the amount of space available, if there is no space in the RAM, then your phone starts facing problems. So you should install the software thinking about your phone (RAM).

Solution: Check how much space is available while installing new software on the phone. There will be no problem on the phone if the software is installed keeping enough phone memory space.

7.Auto Download: Currently we use different types of social media and different apps for communication. There is video audio calling. Like Facebook, Imo, Viber, Hotsapp, and many other social media. You can also chat and share photos with him. Now you think you have 10 such apps on your phone.

Now you have internet connection off, this time 10 photos or videos or messages from 10 apps, now whenever internet connection is given, 10 files of those apps will start downloading simultaneously. And then the phone will hang due to not taking this extra pressure on the phone.

Solution: So keep the Auto Download option off all the time while using these apps. Then the phone will always be good.

8.File Auto Generated: Some files are auto generated in every android phone. If you install any software, a folder with that name will be created in the phone memory. If you continue to install software like this, a large number of folders will be created and your phone’s memory space will be wasted. At some point it will be seen that the phone is running out of space. Many times the phone has problems due to the small space of the phone memory.

Solution: As we have to install software on Android phones for various purposes. So, as soon as the software is finished, the phone memory folder should be deleted. Then the problem of the phone will be solved.

9.About phone: First of all go to Settings and at the end you will see About phone or About with phone model number may be different depending on the phone but About will be written.

Click on About Phone. Baseband version or Build Number will be there a little below. If you tap 7-8 times continuously, an option will show. Developer Options will show anywhere in Settings.

Now you have to click on Developer Options. Developer options should be turned off and on. Now below window animation scale .Transition animation scale .Animator duration scale will be there. Each of these three will have animation scale of 1X. Animation Scale of each should be 0.5X.

Now when you come down you will see Background process limit in all phones Standard limit here At most 3 processes have to be done.

10.App install: We have to install app for various needs. And in the automatic option of the phone, the app is installed in the phone memory. When there is no more space in the phone memory, the phone hangs when trying to install the app. While installing the app, the permission of the app must be given from the phone memory to the memory card, otherwise all the apps will be installed on the memory card. Then the phone will be no time.

11.Password & security: Again you have to come to the settings option. Now click on Password and security at the bottom. Now you will find Location. You have to click on this location. There will be three options in this location mode. (a) High accuracy (b) Battery Saving (c) Device only If you turn on Battery saving from here, the phone will work properly.

Because use Gps in high accuracy. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. or Mobile netWork to determine location are all on. Because of which (RAM) and processor are under a lot of pressure, when the internet connection is given, there is a possibility of the phone getting hot. So if you give battery saving, you can use the phone normally.

12.Network System: This is most understood by those who live in rural areas or are far away from cities or have network problems. If the mobile phone network is weak and there then browsing the internet or playing online games then the mobile starts getting hot. Because mobile processor RAM tries to work with all its power and cannot do it due to weak network, then the mobile starts heating up.

13.Memory card: Your phone may have problems due to memory card problems. Because we use a memory card for a long time. I take and share many files with many people through Bluetooth or Shareit. If there is any kind of virus inside all those files then it affects the phone.

All those viruses cause phone problems. So while sharing files must be checked or taken with caution.

14.Booster app: Clean app or booster app can be the cause of phone hang. All the free booster apps that we use make the phone more heavy instead of useful. Because if the Internet is on in Free Booster app, it starts giving excessive amount of ads. So free cleaner or booster apps should be excluded.

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What is Email Marketing? how does it work and Its benefits?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps you achieve your marketing goals by sending emails to a subscriber list of prospects and customers. These e-mails may contain useful information, company news, advertisements, special offers, or requests for business meetings. They are often personalized based on the prospect’s demographics or position in the sales funnel. Businesses typically use an email marketing tool or software to manage their mailing lists and track their progress.

In this beginner’s guide to email marketing, we’ll discuss the benefits of email marketing for your business, explain how email marketing works, and give you some helpful tips to help you get started. start your first email marketing…

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective strategy for promoting your product or service. It builds brand awareness while educating prospects about your offer. This may help you:

  • Generate leads. Drive high-quality traffic to your website. Build relationships with customers. Build trust and credibility with your audience. Opportunity to move up the sales funnel to increase conversion rates. Stay ahead and keep your audience engaged. Connect with existing customers to build loyalty, increase retention rates, and drive repeat sales.

Email marketing is an essential part of any content marketing strategy because it provides an effective channel to distribute your content and drive high-quality organic traffic to your website. On the more transactional side, a series of abandoned cart emails can increase conversion rates by up to 69%.

Additionally, messaging tools can be integrated with many other marketing technologies to improve results. For example, you can increase open rates by 50% with personalization technology. Or, you can increase engagement with interactive emails – something like adding videos to emails can increase click-through rates by 300%.

How does Email Marketing work?

Email marketing allows you to target your audience and customers through email campaigns. You can also segment your subscriber lists into different groups and send the most relevant content and offers to each segment (more on that later).

These emails can be sent in a pre-determined order to convert leads into buyers or after readers complete specific actions such as clicking a link, viewing a product, or leaving products in a cart. You can also make personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s preferences, purchase history, location, and more.

To effectively manage customer segmentation and personalized email sequences, email marketers typically use email service providers (ESPs) to send and manage email marketing campaigns. With the right email service provider, you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and configure your campaigns to maximize your marketing ROI.

So why not use a free email service like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo! Mail instead?

Also known as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), they work best for personal use only, not for sending large email campaigns. Additionally, paid email services usually offer professional support, which is important for businesses that can’t afford to waste time trying to solve a problem or don’t understand how a feature works.

Email Marketing List-Building Tips

Before you begin to distribute your email campaign, you must create a mailing list containing the names and email addresses of people who have opted in to subscribe to your email newsletter and receive email communications. -email from you.

OK, but how can you create a mailing list from scratch? Here are some tips to help you launch a successful email marketing campaign:

Don’t buy mailing lists. There are many good reasons why you should never buy an email list, and the first and most important is that you will violate compliance rules under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Create and promote a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you offer for free in exchange for a prospect’s email address. Most lead magnets are digital content (such as e-books or white papers), so they can be instantly distributed in a variety of downloadable formats, such as PDF, MP3, or video.

Your lead magnet should appeal to your target audience and provide value so you can create a positive first impression and help build trust with your customers.

Segment your mailing list. When you use list segmentation to deliver relevant, timely, and personalized content to your customers, you can increase engagement and conversions by reducing churn rates.

Because consumers expect targeted information from brands, an effective segmentation strategy can get your emails opened, read, and clicked on. For example, segmentation has been found to help marketers increase conversion rates by 355% and increase revenue by up to 781%! Additionally, HubSpot’s analysis of over 100,000 emails showed that the average CTR of a single mailing list was 12% lower than that of a segmented list.

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What is the best email marketing service?

Email marketing services provide the tools you need to capture leads, manage subscribers, and send email campaigns. With the right email marketing service, you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and configure your campaigns to maximize your marketing ROI. Here are some popular email marketing service providers along with their pros and cons to help you make the best choice for your business:

Communication continues with the client.

Constant Contact has long been the industry leader in email marketing. It is popular among small businesses and large companies.


  • Easy-to-use tools with pre-made, mobile-optimized templates.Real-time monitoring of the results of your campaigns.Integration with many platforms, such as Salesforce, Shopify, Eventbrite, WordPress, QuickBooks, Gmail, etc.


  • The user interface is clunky and sometimes not intuitive.
  • Reporting features lack customization.
  • Customer support is sometimes slow.

A Weber:

Used by many entrepreneurs and small businesses, A Weber has been around for over 20 years and offers reliable and affordable services.


  • Simple pricing structure based on the number of subscribers.
  • Sales tracking features are included in the reporting tool.
  • An industry leader in email deliverability rate.


  • As the number of customers increases, the price may be higher.
  • It lacks some advanced features offered by its competitors, such as more complex automation or spam testing.
  • Some email templates seem outdated.

Campaign Monitor:

With over 250,000 customers worldwide, Campaign Monitor supports clients in a variety of industries, including media companies, tech giants, and nonprofits.


  • Easy to use and mobile-optimized template.
  • Dynamic Reporting offers several ways to extract your data.
  • Live map reports show users’ locations and their interactions with your content.


  • Workflow and automation aren’t the most advanced.
  • The domain verification process is complex.
  • Limited design, editing, and customization options for templates.


Popular among startups, Mailchimp offers flexible, scalable, and affordable email services with a brand voice that puts a smile on your face.


  • Free plans available for accounts with less than 2,000 customer templates are specifically designed for each email purpose: award-winning customer service, plus an extensive knowledge base and tutorials.


  • Membership plans can get expensive as your list grows.
  • Limited email automation options.
  • Complex customer database update process.

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A relative newcomer, Mailer Lite offers the essentials, including automation tools, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys at an affordable price.


  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Free plan available for accounts up to 1,000 customers.
  • Essential email marketing features include list segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing


  • MailerLite is too easy for some, however.
  • Simple features may be easy to use, but advanced features are somewhat lacking, May be limited for those who want more features.
  • Having some advanced triggers is great, however, MailerLite doesn’t have such advanced triggers

Improve your email open rates:

Your email content is only effective if recipients open and read it. First, you need to make sure your emails land in recipients’ inboxes instead of spam folders. Next, send your email at the right time. Here’s what you can do to increase email open rates:

  • Your email content is only effective if recipients open and read it. First, you need to make sure your emails land in recipients’ inboxes instead of spam folders. Next, send your email at the right time. Here’s what you can do to increase email open rates:
  • Make sure your subscribers agree to receive your emails and don’t add anyone to your list without permission. If too many people report your email as spam, your deliverability will suffer.
  • Choose a reputable email provider who does their due diligence to ensure that your emails are sent from an IP address that is not blacklisted by mailbox providers.
  • Use a name and email address that recipients recognize in the “From” field to increase the likelihood that they will interact with your content rather than report it as spam.
  • Avoid using confusing subject lines just to get clicks. You may see an open email, but this will increase the chances of your email being flagged as spam.
  • Include a physical address and an unsubscribe link to ensure you comply with the regulations.
  • Don’t use words that may trigger spam filters, such as “free”, “congratulations”, “risk-free” and “this is not spam”.
  • Increase engagement rates by sending relevant and useful information so you can show the email service provider that your emails aren’t spam

Send your emails at the right time, which is when recipients are most likely to interact with your email. While every audience and business is different, the best day tends to be Tuesday and the best time is 10 a.m. However, you should track your own email list metrics and customize them based on your results.

Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid!

You need to avoid some common mistakes to get the best results from your email marketing campaigns. Here are the main mistakes to avoid:

  • Avoid welcome emails that introduce your brand and set expectations.
  • You don’t have a clear CTA that guides your readers to take the desired action.
  • Not meeting your readers’ expectations, not keeping your promises, or going off-topic.
  • Uses cliches and very selling language.
  • Neglecting to optimize the mobile experience.
  • Over-reliance on images as some recipients see emails with images disabled.
  • Not optimizing your website for lead capture opportunities.
  • Wait until you have enough subscribers before sending your campaign.
  • It seems normal because you don’t want to upset anyone

Common FAQs.

How can I deviate from my mailing list?

Depending on the nature of your offering and the characteristics of your audience, there are many ways to segment your list so you can deliver content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time:

Location: If you’re hosting a private event, you can only target customers who live in that area. Or you can avoid sending promotional emails to people who live in a country you don’t ship to.

Industry: B2B marketers who work with customers in different industries can submit relevant topics and content for each industry to increase response rates.

Job Title: Recipients with different roles in a company have different priorities. B2B marketers can tap into what matters to each audience segment to increase engagement.

Company size: The number of employees in an organization is often a good indicator of its needs and budget. This information can help you promote appropriate offers to each recipient.

Website behavior: You can track registered visitors’ interactions with your website and send them targeted content based on their actions, such as the products they viewed.

Interests: Using customer profiles, preferences, past purchases, or browsing behaviors, you can identify product categories that interest them most and send relevant content.

Customer lifecycle stage: More effectively nudge prospects down the sales funnel by sending content that matches their position in the sales funnel. For example, send them educational content at the awareness stage and a special discount for people at the purchase stage.

Age: The age of recipients can give you an indication of how they prefer to interact with your content or what is important to them.

Language: If you do business internationally, you can segment by language preference and then cross-reference data with location to deliver content that offers the greatest value.

Customer Value: Increase retention rates and build customer loyalty by sending exclusive content and promotions to repeat customers.

Remember that the same lead can belong to more than one category, which can affect how often each customer receives your communications.

How can I measure the success of my email campaigns?

To ensure your email campaigns are meeting your marketing goals, you need to measure their effectiveness against the right KPIs. This will help you fine-tune your email marketing strategy to get the best results. Here are some key metrics to focus on:

Open Rate: This tells you if the subject line is effective in getting recipients to open your emails. It is calculated by dividing the total number of emails opened by the number of emails delivered.

Click-through rate (CTR): A good indicator of whether the content is appealing to the audience and whether the CTA is aligned with your message. It is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the number of emails delivered.

Conversion Rate: In addition to the effectiveness of your email copy and CTAs, conversion rates indicate the effectiveness of your landing page. Often tied to revenue, and therefore your campaign ROI is the percentage of customers who take a targeted action (e.g., make a purchase).

Open rate per click: With more and more consumers using mobile devices, this metric can help you understand how you can attract more visitors. Specific to mobile openings, it helps you understand the performance of your campaigns on smartphones and tablets.

Why do people unsubscribe from a mailing list?

Although some people unsubscribe simply because your offers aren’t right for them, by understanding why people unsubscribe, you can prevent good prospects from leaving your list. Here are the top reasons, along with the percentage of consumers who reported each reason:

  • Receiving too many emails (46.4%)
  • The email looks like spam (17.2%)
  • Irrelevant content (15%)
  • I didn’t know I was subscribed (9.1%)
  • Content not suited to my tastes (7.2%)
  • Too much or too little content (4.3%)

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Grow your business with email marketing:

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your business because it helps you drive high-quality website traffic through the right content to the right audience at the right time, build relationships with your audience, increase your credibility and increase conversions. and build customer loyalty.

First, you need to create a lead magnet that attracts your target audience and captures leads using a signup form. Next, you need to follow the latest email marketing best practices to ensure your campaigns deliver the most relevant content to your customers and move them through the sales funnel.

Of course, don’t forget to analyze the results so you can adjust your strategies based on how your customers interact with the content to maximize your ROI while delivering the most useful content to your audience.

Working with the right email marketing professionals gives you access to the latest knowledge, skills, and technology so you can effectively implement and manage the many moving parts.

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13 Online business ideas- you can start today by yourself


Online business ideas abound these days. Whether it’s blogging and affiliate marketing, selling ebooks and courses, or creating a YouTube channel, there are many ways to make money online. Some of these will require you to have an established website with traffic, while others can be started from scratch. Here are 13 online business ideas that you can start this year:

Start a blog:

  1. Start a blog: This is one of the most popular online business ideas because it requires little startup capital, and you can get started right away. With a blog, you can share your knowledge on a topic you’re passionate about and make money from advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products.
  2. Sell digital products: Create eBooks or courses based on your expertise in an area like photography or cooking to sell online to clients looking for help with their projects.
  3. Design websites: If you have experience as a web designer, then starting an online business designing websites for clients may be an option for you! You can also learn how to code (HTML) so that when someone comes looking for someone like yourself they find YOU first!

Flip domain names:

Domain flipping is the practice of buying and selling domain names for making a profit.

There are many ways to make money online, but domain flipping is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to make an extra $500, $1,000, or even $3,000 per month.

This isn’t just my opinion either—there are plenty of stories out there about people who were able to quit their jobs within six months simply by doing this venture. The good news is that it’s not hard at all! You can do it on your own without any prior knowledge or experience!

Get a technical freelancing job:

The first step to getting a technical freelancing job is to make sure you’ve got the right skills. There are plenty of jobs that don’t require any particular experience or education.

However, if you’re looking for something more sophisticated and lucrative, then it’s best if you can show off some solid credentials in your chosen field.

There are lots of sites where companies post freelance jobs and offer payment per hour: Upwork is probably the most famous example, but there are also smaller ones like Toptal (which only works with top-level talent) or CodementorX (where users pay one another).

If you’re just getting started as a freelancer and don’t have much experience yet, try applying through these websites—you’ll find plenty of work available here because they aren’t limited by location or industry!

Once you’ve found an online company seeking your expertise in some aspect of tech development (or design), simply apply by filling out their application form on their site itself–this way they won’t even need to leave their office! Once approved as being qualified enough for this position based upon prior experience/skill levels noted above-mentioned website platforms mentioned above hereinafter referred to as “those platforms”, then start doing your job!

Create a video channel:

This is a popular Online business ideas nowadays. If you’re interested in starting a video channel, you can make money from your videos by using them to promote your business. When people watch your videos, they’ll see that you are promoting something and want them to buy it.

This will hopefully lead them to think about buying from you instead of someone else who isn’t trying so hard!

It is easy to start a video channel because all anyone needs is a camera (or even just their phone). You don’t need any special training or equipment. If possible, try and get yourself some kind of microphone or headset so that the sound quality of your videos will be better than if they were filmed with just an iPhone’s built-in mic.

Become an influencer:

  • What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with a large and engaged following who uses their platform to promote products, services, and ideas. In most cases, they’re paid by companies to do so.

  • How do you become an influencer?

The first step to becoming an influencer is building your own website or blog where you can share your content with the world. Make sure your site looks professional but also reflects the personality of its author.

It’s important that people trust what they’re reading because they want it to be relatable — after all, they’re going to take advice from someone they like! Next up: start building up followers on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram by posting engaging posts regularly (ideally once per day).

Then be sure not just focus on growing numbers; try reaching out directly with messages about new projects/products that might interest followers based on their interests (e.g., if someone follows both fashion blogs and food blogs then let them know about an upcoming clothing line launch featuring collaborations between designers and local restaurants).

Affiliate marketing programs:

  • What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money by promoting someone else’s products or services. When you click on one of the links in my post and buy something through that link, I get paid a commission for it.

This is known as “referring traffic” or “referring customers” to the site where you are clicking the link. The majority of online businesses use this method because it costs them nothing out of pocket but can earn them hundreds or thousands of dollars per month when done correctly!

  • How do I find affiliate programs that are right for me?

There are many different ways you can go about finding legitimate affiliate programs that are right for your business needs and skillset; however, there are a few things to keep in mind before starting out: * You should only work with companies/websites that have high-quality products or services so as not to damage either party’s reputation if anything goes wrong during your partnership together (e-commerce platforms like Amazon Prime may not be ideal candidates).

* Make sure all contracts between yourself and other parties include an arbitration clause so there won’t be any issues later down the line if something does arise between both parties due to miscommunication etcetera!

Sell your own ebook or course:

The most important thing you need to know is that this business can be very profitable. You just have to make sure you’re selling a good product. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, then no one else will either.

The second most important thing is that people want your ebook or course. They need it! It has to solve its problem and do it better than the other ebooks on the market already do.

The third most important thing in marketing! You have to let people know about your book/course if they aren’t going to find it randomly online (but even then, they might buy something else).

So spend time promoting yourself and your product—the more money spent on advertising means more sales made over time because those people are more likely than not going back again later on down the road when they need another solution again.”

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Start an online store:

Just because you’ve never seen a hot dog stand run by a vending machine doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Online businesses are popping up every day, and one of the most common ways to make money online is through e-commerce.

The key benefit of starting an online store is that you don’t need to find space in your garage or kitchen table to sell your products. The internet makes it possible for sellers all over the world to connect with buyers who may not even live close by.

If you have a product that people want—and we all have something valuable inside us—then this could be a great way for you to start making money from home!

Freelance writing jobs:

  • What is freelance writing?

Freelance writing is a great way to earn extra income while working from home or anywhere in the world. As a freelancer, you can choose the type of work that suits your interests and skill set.

A freelance article writer writes articles on various topics for clients who need content written for blogs, websites, or other forms of media. The pay rate depends on how much time it takes to complete each piece (and sometimes even whether they like what they read). You’ll find more information about how much writers make below.

  • How do I find freelance writing jobs?

There are many ways to find freelance writing jobs online these days, but some are better than others: * UpWork & Fiverr * Freelance Writing Jobs at FlexJobs * Expert Market

Start dropshipping on eBay or Amazon:

Dropshipping is when you sell products without having them in your possession. Instead, you have the supplier ship the product directly to your customer. You make money by charging a flat fee or commission on each sale.

There are several ways to start dropshipping, including eBay and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). You can also find other marketplaces like Etsy and Shopify that allow you to run an online store on their platform but don’t require any inventory management or shipping/handling costs.

In order to get started as a drop shipper, there are some things you’ll need:

  1. A product(s) that people want to buy online
  2. A reliable supplier who will provide good quality products at competitive prices (don’t forget about shipping costs!)
  3. Great marketing skills so that people know about your website/shop and want what’s being sold there!

Do graphic design work:

There’s no denying that graphic design is a flexible field and one of the Online business ideas. It can be tough to make a living as a graphic designer because the work is often short-term and low-paying, but it’s easy to get into and easy to leave if you want to pursue something else. Graphic designers are also allowed to be creative in their own way and can express themselves through their work.

If you like being organized, this might not be the right career choice for you. You’ll have to keep track of your time carefully so that clients aren’t billed for more than they should be paying for any given project or service. If that sounds like too much organization for your liking, then maybe it’s time for another option on this list!

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are essentially the online-slinging cousins of your friendly neighborhood personal assistant. They work remotely, assisting clients with a wide range of tasks—from scheduling appointments to editing documents and managing social media pages. VAs can be hired for as little as $5 per hour or more than $100 per hour, depending on their skills and experience level.

Here are some interesting scientific facts that will be exiting

There are several ways to get started in this field: You can look for work on freelance sites like Upwork, Craigslist, or Fiverr; you can build up a following by providing virtual assistance services via social media platforms, or you could even start an agency that hires out freelancers like yourself.

However you decide to go about it, there are many benefits associated with running your own VA business: It’s flexible (you set your own hours), relatively low cost (there’s no need for office space), and offers great earning potential—especially if you’re good at what you do!

13 money-making Online business ideas for starting:

This is a great idea if you have some extra time on your hands and are looking for an online business to start. You can make a lot of money by becoming a virtual assistant. If you’re good at writing, then this could be the perfect online business for you!

If you have time and want to earn some extra money, then offering tutoring services is an excellent option. There are many students who don’t understand math or English well enough in high school or college level courses (and sometimes even graduate programs).

They need help understanding what their professors are teaching them so that they can pass their classes with flying colors! If someone needs help learning how to do math homework assignments or learn how to write essays in APA-style format so that they can get into medical school—they will hire someone like yourself who has already mastered those skills!

By offering tutoring services through sites like Upwork or Fiverr, it’s possible for anyone who wants success in life no matter what field they choose one day down the road – whether it’s a law school or medical school – to know these basic skills now will save them time later on when they need them most (especially since getting into top institutions requires lots of hard work!).

Like many other businesses though there may be some drawbacks including high startup costs (which means more risk), and limited hours due to.


I hope we’ve helped you find some inspiration for how to start your own Online business ideas! As always, feel free to post any questions here or reach out directly if you need help with anything (we’re always happy when people ask). Thanks so much for reading this post and being part of our community.

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What is digital marketing? How to use it, its types and its benefits.

Through today’s article, we will know what is digital marketing. You may know, that today is the era of digital. And if you still don’t know what “Digital Marketing” is then you might be far behind. So it is very important for you to know about digital marketing in today’s modern times.

If you are a businessman then knowing about online marketing will help you a lot. You can take your business forward by knowing about digital marketing.

Today, if you want to get quick success in your business, then digital marketing can become an important factor for your success.

Gone are the days when we used to go door to door or shop to shop to market a product. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that these are old rules of marketing that don’t work today. In these processes, time is wasted as well as your money is spent.

Apart from this, we cannot promote or market our product or service to more people using this old marketing process. And this is where digital marketing comes in handy.

This is a power through which we can market or promote any product or service to millions of people within no time. Apart from this, if you are looking for customers for a product, online service, or offline business, then through digital marketing you can get “targeted customers” at a very low cost.

By today, every small borough company is marketing or promoting its products to its “target customers” and they are increasing their business day by day. Earlier people or companies used to show or promote an advertisement in a place where there is a large crowd of people.

Advertisements were shown in places where people had the opportunity to read or meditate.

For example, radio, TV, or roadside. They used many such advertising rules. But, today you will find the most crowd or number of people on social media and the internet.

So, nowadays if a product or service has to be advertised or marketed to millions of people in a very short period of time, Then forget your old rules of marketing and grow with digital marketing first.

And, so today I will tell you “What is digital marketing”, “How to use it”, its different types and the benefits. So, what’s the delay let’s start today.

What is digital marketing?

Digital and marketing, are two words that mean different things.

In this case, Digital means a technology that means electronic technology through a computer or any electronic device, which is especially associated with the Internet network.

And, marketing means promoting any business, product, service, or personal purpose to customers using various means or mediums.

The purpose of promotion is to get people to buy the product you are promoting or to get people to know about your business.

So, what does digital marketing mean?

The word digital means related to the internet and the word marketing means to promote any product or service to the customers or inform people about it. And so, the meaning of digital marketing is very simple.

Digital marketing refers to all types of marketing or promotion efforts or mediums that are specifically made possible using an electronic device or the Internet.

Today, many companies or businesses are using many channels or parts of this marketing as a way to achieve their goals. Especially among these segments – search engine optimization, social media, email, online advertising (PPC), and having your own website is the best.

Today, any company is promoting or marketing its business or product at a very low cost in any city or village any city or village and getting millions of customers through the Internet. This is “Digital Marketing” and it is one of the most powerful means of marketing today.

The number of people using the internet today has increased tremendously and its use will increase in the coming years.

People today search or search anything on the internet, watch videos or spend time on social media sites.
And, today people cannot live without continuous use of the internet.

In this way, different companies or businesses can find a better opportunity or place to promote or market their products or services than the Internet, where there is no limit to target customers with all kinds of needs or desires. And all these are possible through this marketing process done by the internet which we call digtal marketing.

Simply put, by using various means of this marketing strategy, you can connect with your business customers or target customers from where they spend most of their time online.

You can build your business brand using various marketing tools such as email marketing, digital advertising (PPC), social media marketing, search engine, or blog/website.

Types of digital marketing!

Companies or business owners can market their products or service online internet using many mediums or processes.

These are the best of the ways or types –

  • Search Engine Marketing – You may have noticed many times, that when we search something through Google search, you will see ads in the first 3 to 5 solutions or search engine results. Advertisements are usually presented and preceded by [Ad]. Different companies or business owners show advertisements on Google search engine or other online search engines through Google Ad-word and try to market, promote or find customers for their product or service through blogs or websites is called search engine marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is a way of marketing where a brand, product, or service is promoted using various online social media websites such as “Facebook”, “Twitter” or “Instagram”. Today, the possibility of getting all kinds of customers or consumers through social media is very high. Because everyone from school-going students to retired old people uses social media websites. And, therefore, through social media marketing, various companies get targeted consumers or customers very easily as part of their product (category).
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is a part or medium of digital marketing, where the marketing or promotion of a product, brand, or service is done through email. Email marketing is not the way we email in general. Here, you have to write a good message about the service or product, or brand you want to promote. After that, that message has to be sent to thousands of people’s email IDs through email.

In this, you can promote any item or product to thousands of people at once through email. Today various online marketers are using email marketing a lot and promoting their services or products.

  • Marketing by Video – Many companies or business owners are promoting their business through video by creating a YouTube channel and making a video about their business or brand. If you go to YouTube and search for any company, you will find many videos of their official product or service. YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google Search, is visited by millions of people every day. Therefore, making videos and posting them on YouTube to promote any item or product has proven to be very profitable.
  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is a means of digital marketing, where different companies do marketing or promotion of their brand or product on different online websites or blogs by showing the lure of commission. If you have a blog or website, what is affiliate marketing? You must know how to earn money by this.
  • Marketing by blog or website – Today you will surely find a blog and websites for all kinds of companies. This is because today people search for all kinds of trivia questions and answers on the internet. Now, if you create a blog or website and give people answers or solutions to questions related to your company, business, or product through articles, then the expected visitors or traffic to that blog or website can be a very good means of promoting your brand or product…

Apart from this, people can know about anything, product, service or company through website or blog at home through internet.

Hence, any of these things can prove to be a very important means of online marketing. Everyone is making a website or blog of their own brand or business today and it is proving to be a very important achievement of digital marketing.

So hopefully, you are well aware of the different types of digital marketing. Also, there are many other ways or mediums that are used in digital marketing or internet marketing. But, today basically the types of bullets that I talked about are being used a lot.

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Advantages of digital marketing

In today’s world of the internet and digtal technology, if you are thinking of marketing your business or any product, then knowing about digital marketing is very important for you. Because, compared to the common old marketing method, it has many benefits or opportunities today. Let’s see below one by one the benefits of digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing –

  1. Digital marketing today is the best and most powerful means of marketing anything, company, product, or service.
  2. It is possible to take advantage of it at a much lower cost than the usual or old marketing medium.
  3. By doing this marketing strategy, you can do marketing keeping in mind your targeted customers.
  4. You don’t have to go anywhere or hire any employees to do this marketing. All is possible with just a computer or mobile and the internet.
  5. You can promote or market your brand, business, or product to many people or consumers through the Internet in a very short time.
  6. This medium is used by targeting the target consumer and by doing marketing using many platforms of the internet, it gives better and more profitable results in less time.
  7. Whether you want to sell a small product or build your business and brand, digital marketing makes it possible in less time.
  8. This marketing is done through the internet, so your advertisement or product can be spread among people very easily, quickly, and profitably.

So friends, digital marketing has many benefits. And I have told you as much as I think.

How to Learn Digital Marketing? A career in this field.

If you are thinking of learning digital marketing and making a career in it, then this can prove to be a great opportunity for you. Today the internet and its usage have increased a lot, and its usage will increase several times in the coming time. It will also increase the use of the digital marketing process and hence the job opportunities will increase in many companies involved in it.

Such as many hosting companies, online advertising companies, web designing companies, email marketing companies, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. There are many companies in which you can get a job if you have knowledge or certificate in digtal marketing.

So, if you are thinking of making a career in this internet marketing field then I think it will be very profitable. And, if you want, you can learn a Digital-marketing course from any institute and take a certificate.

Apart from that, you can learn digital marketing through the online internet using Google’s digital garage website. And, by learning digital marketing, you will be tested and at the end, you will be given a certificate that you can see when applying for jobs. Apart from this, there are many online websites and YouTube videos that you can watch or watch to learn.

Some common questions and their answers about Digital-marketing.

Friends, many people have many common questions about digital marketing. So, here I will try to answer those common questions.

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What are digital marketing and internet marketing the same?

Hey, Internet marketing, online marketing, and digtal marketing are different words but they mean the same thing. However, there are slight differences between them. Digital marketing means the process of marketing which is done through electronic devices. And, in the case of Internet marketing, the main element of marketing is the Internet and the use of various Internet platforms.

How long will it take to learn digital marketing?

As for me, it will take about 6 months to 1 year to learn as well.

Is a Digital-marketing career profitable?

Of course, nowadays digtal marketing is used by any online or offline company. So, if you can do the course well, there are definitely gains in a career in this field.

How to learn professional digital marketing for free?

Anyone can take a professional digital marketing course at home for free through Google digital garage. Here you will be given a certificate.

Who can learn Digital-marketing?

Any person who has general knowledge of the internet and computers. I hope I was able to answer your small questions.

our last words,

So friends, what is digital marketing, what are its benefits, and what types of this marketing strategy, you may have understood well what I said.

If you have any other questions or problems regarding internet marketing, then comment below. And, if you like the post then please share this article. I hope that this article about digital marketing will be useful for you.

Elon Musk is a scientist or an artificial intelligence robot??

Some say that he is an alien. Others say that he is an artificial intelligence robot. But when it comes down to it, Elon Musk is a scientist, one who is conquering the business world. Elon Musk has become a futuristic industrialist, a person who took his coding skills to start building machines. Most people don’t realize that Elon Musk is a scientist.

Even his own friends ask him who is the chief engineer for SpaceX, not realizing it is Elon himself. This video takes a look at how Elon Musk sees the world through a scientific mind and how his scientific way of life fuels his businesses. We take a look at the two techniques that Elon Musk uses to teach himself about new subjects and industries, from picking up books such as a Soviet rocket manual that taught him about Rockets when he was starting SpaceX to surrounding himself with experts and people working in the field that can teach him about the subjects he wants to get into.

This is the reason why he moved from Silicon Valley to La so he could get close to people working in the space industry. Elon Musk is a scientist and physicist on the inside and an engineer on the outside.

So we will also take a brief look at the thinking process behind physics and the techniques that anyone can use to view the world. Elon Musk says that he approaches things with a physics framework, even when it comes to understanding the future, saying that if you want to understand or predict the future, then look to physics.

When Elon Musk was a kid, he was scared of the dark. But then he understood that dark just means an absence of photons in the visible wavelength and that it is silly to be afraid of a lack of photons. That is how he viewed and explained darkness to himself when he was just a kid. And Elon Musk does this with maybe everything that he thinks about breaking everything down, even down to the fundamental laws of physics. Here are some other examples of the different ways Elon Musk views the world through the mind of a physicist and scientist.

When describing schools and education, he says that learning is the downloading of data and algorithms into our brains and that schools are doing a bad job of it. So he started his own school on the Joe Rogan podcast. When talking about the birth of his son, Elon Musk compares the baby to the work he has been doing on artificial intelligence and neural nets, saying that an AI neural net is trying to copy what a human brain is doing and you can see it learning quickly, just like a baby.

When it comes to happiness, the equation is reality is expectations. In describing our way of thinking and using devices, Elon Musk compares us to an operating system with bandwidth, saying that while computers can talk to each other at a trillion bits per second, we use our thumbs to interact with our phones at ten to 100 bits.

That is why he started Neuralink to connect our brains to computers. It might be the reason why Elon Musk likes memes so much since a lot of information gets passed along in just one image. He even tweeted saying, who controls the memes? Controls the universe. Elon Musk says that the best piece of advice is to keep thinking about how you could be doing things better and keep questioning yourself.

And he uses the engineering term of creating a feedback loop where you take what you have done and adjust how you could be doing it better, as people will tell you what you want to hear, not what is best.

There are two techniques that Elon Musk uses to teach himself new subjects. One is through simply picking up books, and the other is surrounding himself with smart people. Let’s first quickly take a look at how he has used books to form the wisdom and fuel for the businesses he is built. When he was a kid, Elon Musk would read up to 10 hours a day saying he was raised by books. He even read two sets of encyclopedias, which gave a good view of how different things could be connected.

Elon Musk’s formal education includes a degree in physics and one in economics. There was also the Ph.D. in Material Sciences and physics that he dropped out from. Yet his first startups out of College were all based on his coding and programming. During the early days of the Internet, Elon saw a computer for the first time when he was ten years old. The first computer he got came with workbook lessons on programming in a language called Basic, which would take six months to finish.

Elon Musk stayed up for three days straight and finished the whole six-month course. When it came time to bring banking online, which Elon was working on when starting X Com, which would later become PayPal, Elon did not have much experience in banking, so Elon bought a book on the banking industry to understand how it worked. When it came to starting SpaceX, Elon would study a Soviet rocket manual, and from friends, he would borrow books such as Rocket Propulsion Elements and The Fundamentals of astrodynamics.

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How do submarines work? What kind of technology does it use?

Oceans are most turbulent where the wind meets water: on their surface. The waves that race across the sea is a sign of energy, originally transmitted by the Sun and whipped up into winds, racing from one side of the planet to the other. Ships battle and lurch across tough seas where no fish—worth its salt—would ever swim. Sailing ships make good use of winds, harnessing the gusts of air to make a very effective form of propulsion. Diesel-powered ships stay on the surface for a different reason: their engines need a steady supply of oxygen to burn fuel. In theory, it should be much easier for ships to swim under the waves where the water is calmer and puts up less resistance; in practice, that creates a different set of problems.

If you’ve ever gone snorkeling or scuba diving, you’ll know that life underwater is very different from life on the surface. It’s dark and difficult to see, there’s no air to breathe, and intense water pressure makes everything feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Submarines are ingenious bits of engineering designed to carry people safely through this very harsh environment. Although they were originally invented as military machines, and most large subs are still built for the world’s navies, a few smaller subs do work as scientific research vessels. Most of these are submersibles (generally small, unpowered, one- or two-person submarines tethered to scientific research ships as they operate).

Submarine. It is a special vessel in the modern world. There is no answer to destroy any warship, including ships, from naval bases to land or air. It is equally proficient in marine science, rescue operations, various research activities, inspections, and maintenance. So every country in the world is running after the submarine to show its strength and power.

Bangladesh also took part in this race by adding two submarines to their fleet in 2016. Like other ordinary ships, it floats in the sea. But its specialty is that it can disappear from the chest of the sea to take part in any secret mission. Can carry out activities by hiding in the depths of the sea.

There are some submarines that can be hidden under the sea for up to 25 consecutive years. Many of us do not know how a submarine can sink underwater for so long. And how is that horrible life on the seafloor? Let’s find out from today’s discussion of Geotel Bangla.

One Ordinary ship is floating because the lower part of the inside of the ship is hollow because the volume of water that the ship removes weighs more than the weight of the ship. In this case, an upward gravitational force acts on the ship by water which is called buoyancy.

But a submarine or submarine is different from other ordinary ships. This is because the captain of a submarine can keep the ship afloat at will and submerge it at any time if necessary.

To do this, the submarine has a special tank inside which the ship is sunk or floated by filling it with air or water as required. This special tank is called a ballast tank.

When a submarine needs to be floated, its tank is filled with air. When the tank is filled with air, the submarine becomes lighter than the water outside. As a result, it floats easily on the water.

Again, When the captain decides to sink the ship, the air in the tank is blown out by an exhaust pipe, and at the same time, the tank is filled with water again. When the tank is filled with water, the weight of the submarine outweighs the water outside. As a result, the submarine sank easily.

A special air delivery device is used to fill the submarine tank with air. Tanks are filled with high-speed, high-pressure air to lift ships above the water in an emergency.

Let’s take a peek inside the submarine. Living in a submarine. The matter may seem very exciting and fun to you. But underwater sailors face daunting challenges every day. One of the major problems facing the submarine is the quality of the air inside it, the supply of clean water, and the maintenance of the temperature.

The fact that we don’t breathe from the air is actually related to 4 gases. These are nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide. When we are not breathing heavily, we take in oxygen with our breath.

Again, when we exhale, we expel the polluted carbon dioxide from our bodies.

Imagine that you are trapped inside a sealed tube with your friends, and only the air that was able to get in when you closed the tube is left.

Now the problem is the same. Since you have been shut down, no new air can enter and no air can escape from it. Here, all the submarines work in exactly the same way that you have imagined for so long.

Three things are very important for a person to survive in a submarine.

First. The inside of the submarine needs to be filled with the necessary oxygen for the sailors to breathe. For this, oxygen is usually supplied from pressurized tanks. Oxygen levels in the air are monitored by a computerized system and oxygen is supplied to the sailors as needed.


Secondly. It is also important to expel the carbon dioxide that builds up in the air after sailors breathe. Otherwise, everyone may die in the reaction. A device called a “scrubber machine” removes carbon dioxide from the air through soda lime.

Finally. The humidity created by respiration is likely to increase the density of the air inside the submarine. Which may result in damage to ship parts. This problem is finally solved by a method called a dehumidifier.

We all know why humans, without water, no animal can survive. Since it is not possible to supply water to city corporations or municipalities in submarines, the sailors of the ship have to make arrangements to produce safe drinking water in a different way.

Most submarines have a special device that can remove salt from seawater and turn it into pure drinking water. In this case, the process by which salt is removed from the water is called the distillation process. There are some submarines that are capable of producing more than 40,000 gallons of pure water per day. This water is used for all the internal work of the submarine including cooking, bathing, eating, and drinking.

The ship also uses a variety of interior components to control the temperature inside the ship and keep the sailors comfortable.

Although a nuclear submarine can stay underwater for 25 years or more, it must come to the surface for fuel or food for sailors. Generally, submarines cannot store food for more than 6 months. After more than 6 months, the quality of food gradually deteriorates.

A submarine can usually travel at a speed of 50-60 kph. For this speed of the submarine, a powerful propeller is placed behind it which is controlled by the dynamics system of the fluid. Each submarine can travel to different depths of the ocean. If you go deeper into a certain range, you have to fall into a terrible accident.

The U.S. nuclear submarine and the Russian submarine are capable of carrying the most pressure among modern submarines. But US submarines still can’t go below 4,000 feet in Surrey. If it goes, the submarine will flatten under the huge pressure of water and will explode at some point.

In 1620, a Dutchman named Cornelius Jacobsjun Drebel discovered the first submarine based on the “ballast tank theory” of the Greek scientist Archimedes. That was the first submarine in the history of the world.

Submarines were America’s main weapon during World War II. That is why only 2% of the American Navy was able to destroy 30% of the Japanese Navy. The list of wreckage included 1 warship, 6 aircraft carriers, and 11 crushers.

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