Middle class families and there some bad habits to be themselves.

I myself come from a middle-class family, so if I write something wrong, please forgive me.

There are many habits of the middle-class family, which are so closely associated with the members of the middle-class family and their lives as natural laws. So it becomes difficult to identify them.

  • The middle-class family loves cricket games very much. But they don’t play cricket, they only watch cricket.

    They waste time watching sports and then discussing it with friends and wasting time there too.
    On the other hand, upper-class families take sports as a hobby, they are able to maintain their fitness through sports. They are more interested in making money by buying different types of teams in the game.


  • The middle-class family likes to spend time watching reality shows (Bigg Boss), popular shows (IIFA, Kapil Sharma Show), and popular serials (Rasmani, Kailashnathan, or Saas-Bahoor) on television. Moreover, social media platforms are the most popular nowadays. On the other hand, upper-class families prefer to come on television.
  • Middle-class families are always reactive. They give their control to others and get upset over little things. They blame others for their mistakes but do not take responsibility.
    • Upper-class families, on the other hand, are always active. Doesn’t react, shows up and takes responsibility, and doesn’t try to blame anyone by repeating mistakes. They try to learn from every mistake.


  • Middle-class families usually envy upper-class families. They waste time criticizing, and they view money negatively, ie – money is the root of evil. Upper-class families don’t care about these, they work on their dreams, and they work perfectly to realize their passion.
  • Middle-class families do a lot more than they need to, which in my opinion usually public affairs. For example, if you don’t shop for pantaloons, Durga Puja is mud, if you don’t make a blazer from Raymond, it doesn’t fit your body. Despite having a 100cc or 150cc motorbike, Bullet aka Royal Enfield doesn’t work, etc., etc. So says Emma Watson, “Wearing unbranded and cheap clothes doesn’t mean you’re poor. Remember: you have a family to feed. Not a community to impress” The sentence should properly mean middle-class family.
  • Middle-class families invest their life savings in an event like a wedding which is a social status।
    • Upper-class families don’t think about others they invest their savings and build their wealth.


  • Middle-class families stop acquiring knowledge after a certain period. But the elite families keep lending their knowledge and never stop learning.

These are some of the unwritten rules and practices of middle-class families, which make them stay middle class.

There are also other lessons that never allow the middle class to grow up. পড়ুন Read the reasons why the middle class is the best! Who will prevent the middle class from becoming poor?

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