Some of the best life tips for success. You have to know

Success is a concept that is different for every person. Whether it means having a great career, a home, or a family, success is something everyone strives to achieve. It makes you feel proud, it gives you excitement and it lets you know you have made an impact in a competitive world.

Success is not something you attain without putting in the effort, however. It is a mindset you must adopt to accomplish your goals and grow as a person, and it takes hard work. In this article, we explain what it can mean to be successful and discuss tips to help you in your personal journey for success.

Tips for how to become successful

I live consciously.
  1. Start before you’re ready. I spent 4 minutes and 12 seconds try to craft a perfect answer for this question. But you’re reading this because my mind finally said F*CK it, and start writing.
  2. Don’t stop when you’re tired/upset/exhausted, stop when you’re done. By stop, I mean stop trying and telling yourself it’s done before it’s actually done. It’s not, challenges, failures, and setbacks are temporary. Now, move on!
  3. Everything comes with a price. Literally, everything. If you’re not up to pay the price, don’t complain about not getting what you want in life.
  4. Stop complaining. It changes nothing at all. Oh no… It does. It annoys the hell out of others and makes you feel worse.
  5. Stop comparing. We have very little (if not none) of information to make a rational comparison. In most cases, we are evaluating our worst with others’ best when we’re comparing.
  6. Get enough sleep. We need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day, only a minority need less than that… Like, maybe 5% of all human beings. You won’t know if you’re one of them. When you know it, it’s too late.
  7. Detach your emotions with external things. Because they don’t last. You’re going to feel extremely bad if you’re depending on your happiness on them (people and things).
  8. Read real books. Do deep instead of shallow. The Internet trained us to go shallow.
  9. Reduce multitasking. It doesn’t boost your productivity. Instead, it drains your energy and focus.
  10. Start your day the night before. Plan for the next day before you go to bed. This gives you a reason to get off the bed the next morning.
  11. The relationship is the place to give (not receive). If you were wondering why your spouse never did this (or that) for you, that’s exactly why.
  12. Take tiny actions, celebrate small wins. Small actions have lower resistance, start doing something small is 1,000,000x better off than doing nothing. Then, train yourself to appreciate small progress.
  13. Say “get to” instead of “have to”. Change your vocabulary and start to appreciate everything that happens to you.
  14. Do something that scares you. Get out of your comfort zone, set bigger goals, and do it. You’re reading this right now because someone else once thought that the personal computer was possible.
  15. If you spent $750 for something originally at $1,000, you just spent $750, not saved $250. Face the truth, never find excuses, especially when it comes to money.
  16. Remove that tiny red dot on the corner of the icon of your app. If you’re using Android, see here; for iOS, see here. I believe you know why.
  17. Listen first before speaking. You learn nothing if you’re the only one speaking.
  18. Start selling. I won’t say start a business, but every one of us is selling in some way. So, learn how to do it.
  19. Your customer is always right if you want his/her money. In case you’re in a business, this is the truth, by Rifad Ahmed Rion.
  20. Take good care of your body. Everything will not be relevant without your physical body (at least until someone invents a way to upload us to a server… maybe…)
  21. Fail hard, fail often. That’s how we learn the most. Be proud of it, take it as an achievement.
  22. Contribute more. I’m not exactly sure why, but I learned this from the successful people I’m following. Probably because it puts a smile on others’ faces.
  23. Judge others on their intention, evaluate yourself with the results. If you need to judge others, do it based on their intention because again, we don’t know their own set of constraints and challenges.
  24. His/her/my tips might not be the right tips for you. Explore, experience, learn and most importantly enjoy life yourself.
  25. The guaranteed way to increase your luck is to increase the times you bet. I’m not asking you to get involved in gambling. My point is, a master art piece is created after thousand shitty ones before it. So, be consistent on your output rather than thinking about how to strike a home run in one single shot.

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