Many people don’t recognize mental strength when they see it. Why?

I encounter many misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong or weak.

Ironically, many of the behaviors often associated with weakness are actually a sign of mental strength. Our culture often values “toughness” over “true strength.”

Acting tough is about external appearances. It involves creating a persona that convinces other people you’re impervious to pain.

True mental strength involves working on your character. Mentally strong people are willing to be vulnerable and quite often, people confuse their openness and honesty with frailty.

Being mentally weak is contextual. It varies from person-to-person, and situation to situation. A guy who is recovering from prolonged illness could be vulnerable to mental weakness due to intake of medicines or surgeries to avoid the spread of a cause of disease.

A feeble person with a low intake of energizing food or supplements could be susceptible to mental weakness.

Likewise, anybody who has been through neurosurgery could show signs of mental weakness.


An old man who asks his grandchild about his eyeglasses 8 times a day while holding them in his right hand could be an example of mental weakness.

But, all of these four examples express that mental weakness is invariably connected to a reason which is perceptible and tangible.

But, if you’re looking for an answer with perspectives of psychology then the answer would be the direct opposite of whatever has been taught to us

For example, if someone acts peevishly with friends, neighbors, or colleagues then mental strength or weakness has nothing to do here. It is purely a flawed character.

Similarly, being forgetful isn’t necessarily a sign of mental weakness – It could be due to disorganized routines.

So, you need to be pretty clear about what you’re calling signs of mental weakness?


I believe the following are the 4 signs of mental weakness. Most importantly, they will help you understand how they keep us in shackles – psychologically and physiologically.

Overthinking is Big Distraction, Massive Destruction of Opportunities.

To unfold the mystery of ‘Overthinking’, I want to call the use of it ‘Arbitrary’. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. And, are you wondering how? Look it is overthinking which gets you to jump out of your bed in the morning to reach your classroom earlier to save time but also it keeps you up late at night because you worry to not miss an important point while you’d be in the exam hall.

Let’s look at overthinking from a physiology point of view:

To understand the true story of overthinking; you’ll have to meet four characters that play their Oscar-worthy roles every second in everybody’s mind anywhere anytime:

1– Dopamine – It is a personal coach in this story. He is a full-time employee and never gets tired of his duty of motivating any human and produces feelings of risk and reward. Every time, you get caught in a fight or flight moment, consider it as dopamine in action.

2- Adrenaline – It is an uncanny resemblance of ‘Three Witches’ in a Shakespeare play named ‘Macbeth’. If you let loose of it – It will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. So, be careful before Three-Witches make stratagem to destroy your inner peace.

3- Serotonin – A protagonist of a story whose work is to bring happiness and lead you to inner peace. It fights like a warrior: Bruised but brave.

4- Cortisol – An antagonist for the brain. It is the main reason for unhealthy overthinking.

By the way, Serotonin and Cortisol can’t sit in a room together. They can’t be together.
And, Cortisol is very cunning in its maneuvering that it releases itself into a region located in proximity to the center of the brain known as the Hypothalamus. That’s why; almost everybody is inclined to overthink because our enemy hits our epicenter with ease.

But, you don’t need to worry at all ( Dear Quora Readers); I’m going to share a couple of tricks to program your brain to block Cortisol from destroying your mental strength:

a – Change the Chemical Structure of your Brain.

Cortisol has stormtroopers to infiltrate your brain known as ‘Cortisol Receptors’. Block them before they reach your threshold. Once, you’re successful in thwarting Cortisol Receptors, Cortisol loses its power by half to damage your mental peace.

b – Change the Physical Structure of your Brain.

Research has found that an area of your brain called the orbitofrontal cortex, located just behind your eyes and in front of the hypothalamus, is associated with stress levels. Those with a thicker orbitofrontal cortex on the left side have higher levels of optimism and less anxiety. So, instead of having to directly face the cortisol villain yourself, you can combat its negative effects by modifying another structure in your brain.

There could be many other signs of being mentally weak possibly i.e., boredom, fatigue, and anxiety, etc.

But I will rank ‘Overthinking’ as only a reason and sign of being mentally weak.

Always remember: ‘Overthinking’ slows down and somebody passes you.

So, get rid of overthinking and speed up to reach your destiny.

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