Emotions Fact. How to get emotional balance and endless vitality?

The great people of the world have become great by balancing their emotions.

Once in a cricket match in Delhi, Sachin Tendulkar scored a double century. Sachin Tendulkar, a journalist of the Times of India, was asked that day, “Sir, you have scored a double century today. How are you enjoying this moment?” And tomorrow will surely go out of all routines and give time to the family? Take a break from the game? In answer to this question he said:

“I’m standing at the moment and thinking about how to play better in the next. And tomorrow, at my scheduled time, at five in the morning, I’ll be back to practice in the nets. In my twenty-four years of cricket, this rule has never been an exception.”

Just think, how much these famous people have to learn how to use emotions!

Before we do any work, we get so excited that we don’t get the success that the work stops.

Emotions keep us vibrating in life. Emotion makes us interested in work, gives us hope, courage, strength. It helps us to move forward.

In fact, we do not see electricity. But we can perceive the power of electricity, be aware of the power of electricity, just as we do not see emotion. But no work can be done without emotion. Emotion is the motivation for us to work. But when emotion is excessive, all work is futile.

So you have to focus on work all the time, you don’t have to think for success if you do daily work every day. I mean, have you done what you want in life?

This is not what we do, this calculation does not match, those who match succeed.

We have infinite power inside our minds. All we need to do is wake him up. Ninety percent of our energy remains dormant because we don’t try to wake him up.

We are all unique, unique, and unique entities. We can never be like anyone else. But like me, I am able to awaken my inner strength. I have to be heartfelt for him. There must be a bar in the middle of the crowd. The expectation of getting something from others should be reduced. Be self-reliant.

If you want to be full of endless life force, you have a small child inside you. He will give you endless joy. Going back to that small-time, then this has happened in the society, Oak has spoken badly to me, why did he look at me like that, he would not sit and think about so many things, then he would just eat and play.

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Now stay calm, eat for a while, and work, work, and work.

Lazy people cannot enjoy endless happiness. Who spoils their feelings of laziness. Now many may say, after growing up, the child will come to mind?

Yes, it doesn’t come, because it doesn’t come, joy, laughter, fun is getting lost in the world day by day. Now when I see the faces of most people, I feel sad. The faces are like a thousand thoughts. As if carrying all the responsibilities of the world alone.

Even if he was such a person, it would have been like this situation is consuming everyone.

You are the bar in the middle of this hero.

Jonathan Swift, an author of Gulliver’s Travels, says: “Food, peace, and joy are the three best doctors in the world.”

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So if you want to be good:

  1. We have to be gentle. We have to be soft-spoken, we have to praise others, we have to give up the attitude of finding fault with others.
  2. You have to spend some time for spiritual thinking, you have to read scriptures.
  3. We have to give up the tendency to be afraid. In this beautiful world, everyone has to love, remember, everyone loves me too.
  4. Pleasurable thoughts must be engrossed in pleasurable work. Life will automatically become full of joy.
  5. You have to meditate to increase your mental capacity. And You have to take care of your body. Also, You have to eat nutritious food.
  6. Spend a lot of time with nature. Look at the tree, as a rule, every day.
  7. Read good books to boost confidence.
  8. Avoid frustrating people as much as possible. Stay in touch with the person who gets the inspiration.

This question I took from Quora.Thank you so much for the Reading.