Narcissists typical discard methods?

Covert narcissists are the most damaging of all narcs. They play with your psyche. They penetrate the love bombing stage with great intensity.

Even if you are aware of narcissism or have experienced another relationship with narcissists. you will be questioning if this person is a narcissist from the very beginning. And yet you will end up Dismissing and ignoring the red flags. because of the intense love bombing and the gaslighting began the very first time you met them.

They are the biggest factor you will ever meet in your life. they are the biggest façade, That you will ever witness in a person they lie from the very first time you met them. you don’t realize this till after you discarded or during the devastation of the valuing stage, which they are all textbook. whatever you read it is a textbook. the devaluing happens basically within a three-month period.

You just don’t realize right away the world will always revolve around them. the day the week the weekends revolve around them and not that they do much, because they don’t have any close relationships with anyone. not family, not friends they only join in any activity with you in the love-bombing stage. that is for their own personal gratification because they are being paraded. To be seen with the prize that you are.

They are showing everyone that they won the prize that they have you and after everyone has seen that. you will never go on events do activities that have outside entertainment. you will then become isolated so. that you can be at their beck and call for all their sicknesses.

They’re poor me persona it is when you start feeling unimportant. when you start feeling hey my needs wants desires are never being met, what I would like to do doesn’t matter.

When you start bringing this to them and you start telling them That they are making you feel worthless like you don’t matter and they devalue you. they do not cherish you they are not grateful. they are not appreciative and this is when you’ll notice all your little cute pet names. they called you they don’t exist all the little nice things. they did for you, they never happen when you go to bed with them.

They’re like robotic there is no connection. But there never was it was only you that they were mimicking in the love that the stage. then comes the discard phase. Let me tell you they are sinister in words actions.

They are extremely sadistic and it’s all intentional they are nasty and mean and uncaring. Do not cry because they have no compassion, it will make them more sickened at you. they will look down on you And see you as more revolting to them.

You will never have been treated so badly in all your life. if you’re sick they don’t care do not disturb them for you. will be told you’re rude to bother them with your pettiness even though you were at their beck.

Call you will never be treated so worse in all your life, not physically emotionally, and mentally. they will project everything to be your fault. they have robbed you of all your great qualities And you have been injected with how they feel on the inside.

Its terrible covert narcissists are the worst knocks that there are. I would much rather be with an arrogant bastard where you don’t have to guess. if they’re mean and nasty the culverts are the worst. Now if you wanna know how to beat them at their game. I’ll tell you that next time, But their discard is very simple.

You will wake up one day and you’ll be thinking today will be a good day. you’ll see them and now bluntly come out and say it’s over. I don’t love you I’m not in love with you get out of here as if you were nothing, that’s how they do that like.

You are nothing because you never were, they don’t love anyone they are nothing that passive-aggressive and that is so.

They don’t have to take accountability and responsibility for anything. they say they make you wonder in your mind. did they mean is did they mean that. then With what they said to you. the response will be oh no you took that wrong this way. it’s your fault they are passive-aggressive.

So they don’t have to take a pet countability responsibility for the outcome and everything is always your fault. you’re never wrong so the discard is very simple you’re dismissed.

End of story

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