High IQ individuals lack social skills why do people say that ?


<<< WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY SOCIALIZING Lacking in Social Skills Reasons—

Processing and problem solving: Social Interaction aren’t all problem-solving. High IQs tend to treat social interactions as a problem that needs to be solved when it’s just an interaction.

I talk about habitualness, and people with higher IQs tend to love solving problems.

Habitually they’ll engage socially this way also, they habitually engage in socializing as a problem-solving event.

Small talk is what high IQs despise and struggle with when it’s just a narration of someone’s life to that point of exchanging thru talk and leave it as is and tell it as is.


High IQs tend to be more depressed especially in the profoundly gifted. This could be rooted in many reasons, but none less exist within themselves.

Depression isn’t socially healthy and tends to bring others social happiness levels down.

High IQs are also depressed as they were more aware of the haunting truths of reality. They’re more aware of an individuals existence may be completely meaningless and views other social worth and importance extremely low.

For myself to be in depression is just not being able to put the throttle down intellectually, and at times I have to let others win.

In PG you’ll find more people depressed and sometimes suicidal because of the extreme awareness of the negatives. Also, Higher IQ people tend to be very isolated.


Perfectionism in shape is related to one’s self-worth. Some people with high IQs tend to attach their achievements to their self-worth. 160IQ is an achievement attached to one’s self-worth.

This is an unhealthy level of perfectionism, but people with High IQs will use this as a measurement of their success. Things like reading at the age of 2, completing college at 13 years old, etc.. etc. This is unhealthy perfectionism.

My greatest achievement in life was a video game, being no.1. I actually just throw the no.1 in there, it’s not of great importance. Why was it my greatest achievement? I never loved something so much that I wanted to do the best to my abilities My other achievements.

I don’t consider it of great importance since my level of love towards those achievements were never that high. Not enough for me to tunnel vision and dismiss a lot of factors of my life. Yes, I was a loser, but one in love!

Dealing with perfectionism, people with high IQs try to be perfect. I’ll admit I have a high IQ and I’m extremely imperfect. My boss’s boss saw my junk! I was in a meeting yelling at my boss.

I wore pants with a huge rip on the crotch region. I wasn’t aware the pants were ripped, I was just aware they were comfortable. She points out my poor choice of clothing for the meeting and I looked down and realized she saw it all. I also went out to eat pizza before and was too lazy to put on underwear.

The kids saw my junk. Didn’t know my pants were ripped till the parents were concerned. This is of course just a story of my lack of awareness and not something you learn to do.

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