What to do if there is a sudden tension in the muscles?

What to do if there is a sudden tension in the muscles, especially the leg and neck muscles/veins? Why is this and what is the treatment?

Sudden tension in the muscles or veins can be said to be one of the most talked-about problems in recent times! In a tea party or any other story, you just said that one day my leg muscles started to get so tense that my legs would bend and move backward! And I was fainting in pain! Diameter! You will see that the companions of the story have started talking about their experiences one by one!

There are several possible causes for tension in the muscles or tendons of the legs or arms.

1. Dehydration and disruption of blood circulation!

2. Lack of sodium or potassium ions in the blood

3. Overwork

4. Shortness of rest before or after exercise

5. Vitamin A / B deficiency

Runners, athletes as well as those of us are ordinary people but the problem is occasional. I’ve had it five times. Just before waking up twice!

Things to do:

The muscles have to be relaxed by holding the leg or arm in the opposite direction to where it is trying to bend.

This is an immediate effort. Then bake hot or cold.

Saline drinks, especially coconut water, are very effective in treating and preventing this problem.

It is also possible to reduce and prevent the effects of this problem by taking vitamin A and B complexes.

And yes, you need to drink plenty of water. There should be no shortage of water in the body.

Dad and Mom have been to the village house a few times. I asked them to drink vitamin B complex and coconut water. No problem for a long time.

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