Make People Like You IMMEDIATELY with Psychological Tricks.

We found 9 Psychological Tricks we must follow to become that kind of person.

There are people who radiate such inexplicable magnetism that absolutely everyone reaches to them. They wish to be like them, win their friendship or approval. And the most curious thing is that it does not depend on the appearance of these people.

Amazing Psychology And Mind Tricks

1. Individual Image

You need a unique image. Even more, a totally exclusive detail. After all, your own original image is what makes strangers remember you. And we are not talking about beauty.

It sounds strange, but the singularity can be expressed even in ugliness and vulnerability. Any of your signature features – whether it’s a pace, gesture, facial expression, intonation, style of communication, or an item of clothing can make you memorable.

Here are some examples of details of famous people they are associated with:

  • Charlie Chaplin – mustache, suit, cane
  • Tilda Swinton – asexuality, no makeup
  • Winston Churchill – Fat Cigars
  • Joseph Stalin – mustache, pipe, accent
  • Adolf Hitler – original moustache shape, intonation
  • Dita Von Teese – The Image of the 1940s, Red Lipstick
  • Marilyn Monroe – hair color, mole
  • Salvador Dali – mustache, facial expressions

2. You Need A Big Dream

In order for people to approach and appreciate you as a truly unique personality, you must have a reason to exist. Ambitions, goals, a desire to change something in this world. Fight for something. Because a person without a dream is a book without an idea. Why would you read it?

3. Be Confident

To be charismatic, you must have confidence. Courageously make decisions, be able to rely only on yourself, don’t expect outside help, and explain your ideas to others in a way they understand.

People around you can feel your confidence not only in behavior but also in speech. It’s better to avoid phrases like “I think, I hope, I guess, I expect, maybe, probably.”

4. Forget About Complaints

Could you admire and want to be like a person who always complains? Of course not. Charismatic people have a positive mindset. Avoid criticism, complaints, and negative issues. Even if not everything is good in your life, start a conversation that brings you pleasure and does the same to your listeners.

5. Use Body Gestures

Your behavior must demonstrate your confidence: do not bend over, do not tempt with objects or parts of your body, try to smile more frequently, look the person in the eye, and avoid closed postures.

In general, when you appear in public, act and feel like a celebrity on the red carpet.

6. Become A Great Storyteller

Many people believe that the ability to make almost all stories interesting is a talent.

But this is not always the case. Mainly, it is a skill that can be learned. Just speak with confidence. Use humor, especially self-irony: the ability to laugh at yourself. Don’t forget body language, be emotional and positive. Don’t worry if not all your stories and jokes “work”.

Tell your personal stories. After hearing something really interesting, people will share it with others.

7. Don’t Look Away

When you talk to someone, always look them in the eye. Sometimes a penetrating glance can say more than a thousand words. Eye contact shows that you are listening to your caller and that you understand and accept them as a person.

Most importantly, when you’re talking to someone at an event, don’t be distracted by strange things. Do not look at your cell phone or the crowd as it may seem like you are looking for a more “proper” interlocutor.

8. Learn To Listen To Others

There is no need to consider yourself the most important person in the world. A genuine interest in other people’s lives can make people love you more because listening to people is a true art. If you listen carefully to the other person and show interest in their conversation, you will begin to feel necessary and even special.

Obviously, you cannot remember everything your interlocutor said to you, but remembering the name is a big problem. Here is an interesting trick. When a person introduces himself, repeat the name: “Mike, nice to meet you.” And if you want people to remember you, use the same trick with your name: “Hi, I’m Susan. Susan Jones.”


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9. Use The Mirror Effect

The mirror effect, or simply mirroring, is an easy way to create someone like you by repeating their facial expressions, intonations, and gestures. It always works because the method is based on the nature of human narcissism: an interlocutor, unconsciously, begins to feel that you are synchronized with them.

You can also use this trick to adopt other people’s unique characteristics. For example, some famous people who seem charismatic to you. See how they are presented, as this can help you feel more secure. You can find a detailed analysis of such examples on the video channel “Charisma on Command”.