Some of the weirdest websites on the internet and their links

  • How old are you getting? Let us explain it properly!—This strange website has everything to surprise you. You just need to visit this website and enter your date of birth. Now they’ll show you all the math you never thought of. They’ll even show you how two famous people can be associated with your birthday. See for yourself.
  • by Jonathan Puckey—This strange website has only one page. You need to touch or place the mouse pointer anywhere on this page. After a while, a picture will appear and you will find yourself going crazy with the picture. Keep repeating, for each point on the page the image is set separately, whenever you place your cursor on the point the image set at that point will be displayed and the image is set as if the person in the image is pointing to that point.
অদ্ভুত ওয়েবসাইট

Weird website

This viral image is the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. This image is a 360° image of the city of Shanghai, China and the most surprising thing is its clarity and sharp details. By zooming in, the number plate of a car a few kilometers away and the face of a person can be clearly seen in this picture. So one might think that it must have been taken by a powerful camera on a satellite.

Do not command! This photo from the “Oriental Pearl Tower” was taken by a company called “Jingkun Technology”. According to their website, the resolution of this image is 195 billion pixels. It is basically created by combining many images as we see in Google Streetview. This type of technology is called “Image Stitching Technology”. But those pictures were taken with high-quality high-resolution cameras.

There are many more such pictures on that website. But these pictures put people’s personal safety in question.

  • The Internet map— This strange website has shown the audacity to display all the websites of the world on a single page. These are the biggest and most popular websites on the internet that you can see in the big circle. They are called tech giants.
  • Live Flight Tracker – Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24— Through this incredible website you can track all the planes live in the world. For this, you have to search by typing the aircraft number or flight number. You can also know how fast the plane is flying, how high it is flying, and how much the weather is changing around the plane. Also if any passenger of the plane is logged in on this website then you can know about him also. Another incredible thing you can do on these weirdest websites. Like a 3d simulation game, you can see the aircraft and everything around it (+3d map) in 3d. But the control of the plane will be with the real pilot instead of you like in the game.

weirdest websites

  • The Million Dollar Homepage —This is the weird website that made a 21-year-old student a millionaire. Many will find it unbelievable. The student’s name was Alex Tew. He lived in England. That was in 2005. Alex had already dreamed of becoming a millionaire. Meanwhile, university expenses inspired him to turn his dream into reality. But he took an alternative approach. He created a webpage and made it 1000×1000 pixels. These pixels can be purchased by various organizations or websites. The price per pixel is $1. Alex would add their company’s logo or any other image to the pixel and link it to the company’s website. A bit like showing an ad. Thus, within a few days, it became a viral topic on the Internet. Slowly, many popular companies started buying pixels for $1.However, the last 1000 Pixels received numerous applications for purchase. As a result, Alex organized an auction on e-bay. Eventually, all the pixels were sold through the auction. The last Pixel sold for $38,100! And that’s how $1,037,100 went into his pocket! This is the webpage:

অদ্ভুত ওয়েবসাইট

  • THE FACES OF FACEBOOK — Right now the number of Facebook users is- 1,278,838,458…468…489..and increasing. This website allows you to view all Facebook users’ profile pictures together. Double-touch anywhere to zoom or hit the mouse button twice (:). What’s more interesting is that each picture is linked to that account. In fact, seeing so many people on a small screen is really surprising! I can contact these 1,278,839,678..709 people at will (+fake id)! But another thing can be said that all the personal information of these numerous people has been brought together on one screen.
    Let’s zoom in a little! Now you can go to any ID.
  • Quick, Draw! — It is a form of artificial intelligence (AI). Here, you get a chance to draw anything in 20 seconds. You can draw anything you want. However, you will be surprised after a while. Because, as soon as you start drawing, a voice will continue to describe what you are drawing. Really awesome!
  • How Secure Is My Password? —Yes sir, if you are worried about your password; If you’ve always wondered “How strong is my password?”, then this is for you. This website will show you how long it takes to hack a computer with your password. For example: Suppose, I write 12345678…

Here are some interesting scientific facts that will be exiting

  • Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics—You can see all the information related to the internet live on this website. For example, you can see the number of internet users, the number of searches on google today, etc.


Now let’s give some mysterious or scary websites:

  • Anomalies Unlimited: Here you will find all the content that is really scary. All the strange events of the world and all the scary pictures are stored here. Even the aliens have huge information and pictures.


  • Last words— The cries of thousands of souls are embedded with this website. It allows the passenger, the pilot, and the airport to listen to the conversation during the plane crash.
weirdest websites

weirdest websites

  • Many have claimed that through this website they have been able to get an idea about their future right now. It also establishes communication with spirits.


  • Death Row Information?— This website is made up of “final statements” taken from Texas death row inmates before they are executed. Even those accused have been identified and presented in detail. This website is updated after a few days.
  • Magnificence: Your comment may be answered by a stranger.
  • Jonathon tambourines photography: This weirdest websites is about what many people ate before they died. But it didn’t seem too scary to me. What is the use of knowing these!

Entering here will show numbers and words like hacking in your window. Touching the skin or keyboard will lead to typing like hackers. But if you really want to learn hacking then worry no more, here you will find the course link to learn to hack.

The infinitely zooming image.

Do you know how much a picture can be zoomed in? You can see how a picture is zoomed in by going to this strange website. Hurry to this site without delay and get lost in the realm of fairy tales.

The World Wide Web project

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the first weird website. It uses only HTML language. But it remains exactly the same today as it was in the beginning.


On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the first weird website. It uses only HTML language. But it remains exactly the same today as it was in the beginning.

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