The pursuit of success is a lifetime quest. Success and the desire for success are part of our DNA. The desire to be successful is built-in to who we are. Every day the pursuit of success guides our thoughts, our actions, and our desires.

When we awake each morning, we have an idea in our minds of what our success for the day looks like, and we know how we go after our goals for that day to be successful. Our desire for success is an integral part of our makeup and who we are. No one wants to be nor plans to be a failure. Everyone wants to be successful.

Ten formulas for success:

1. Start as soon as possible: In old age, ‘What could I not do in my youth!’ – this regret should not bother you. So Bill Gates has always said, ‘Get started.’ Maybe someone else will succeed in a few years by using the ‘idea’ you have in your head. If you start fulfilling your dreams from your student life, no matter what your chances of success are, at least you will be less likely to give up.

2. You have to give your best every day: Bill Gates says, ‘Life is not divided as a semester, that after ten weeks you will have the opportunity to correct mistakes. There is no such thing as a “break” here. ‘ Therefore, you have to give your best every day.

3. Be your own boss: If you do not fulfill your dream, someone else will hire you to fulfill his dream. Instead, spend it on fulfilling your dreams.

4. Learn to say ‘No’: No matter how talented you are, you are not getting more than 24 hours a day. How to use these 24 hours makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. In a speech at Harvard University, Bill Gates once said, ‘The best advice I’ve ever received is from my friend Warren Buffett. “You have to know how to say no,” he said. Bill Gates thinks that sometimes being able to say ‘no’ will help you stay focused.

5. Be committed, be convinced: All successful entrepreneurs have strongly recommended this. You have to have a love for the work you are doing. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation.


6. Life is not an educational institution, life is the best school: no matter how many books you read, no matter how many exams you take in your educational life, all these will never fully teach you to face the challenges of real life. You have to learn from your own life.

7. Don’t lose hope: If you want to reach the goal, don’t be pessimistic. Rather be optimistic all the time. In 2013, Bill Gates, a student at Stanford University, said, “Optimism often turns into false hope. But remember, there is something called “false frustration.”

8. Welcoming Criticism: Bill Gates discusses the need for criticism in his book Business at the Speed ​​of Thought. He believes that grievances and dissatisfaction give you a chance to do better. “Your most dissatisfied customers are your biggest source of learning,” he wrote.

9. Calculate Success: In 2003, Bill Gates described what he learned from a book, The Most Powerful Idea in the World. “If you set a specific goal and calculate all the time, how far you have come, then you can remain steadfast in the goal.” He added, “The easier it is to say, the harder it is to do.”

10. Life is not easy, accept it: no matter how hard you try, there will be a time when everything will not be to your liking. Everything will not be under your control. You will fall, but you will have to stand again.

Of the estimated more than one hundred thirty million books that have been published in human history, a significant number have been about success and how to achieve success. The challenge for humanity does not appear to be a source for information about the knowledge and the understanding of “how” to be successful, but rather a clear, correct, and understandable explanation and definition of how to determine “what” success really is for each of us.

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intelligent and average people how motivated differently?

Learn about a person’s personality just by observing them.

Success is completely individual and is not and cannot be a comparable exercise. Yet, there is a framework and there are established parameters and guidelines that must be included in our personal definition of what our personal success really is for our understanding to be accurate and for our pursuit to be effective for us.

Can you define, can you articulate, and can you write out what success is for You? Have you done this? This is important. When each of us does this – when we define, when we can articulate, and when we have written down our understanding and our belief of what defines our success – the results of our lives will reflect this clarity and this direction in our actions and in the outcomes of our lives.

For some time now, I have felt the unction from the Holy Spirit God to write the explanation of what true success really is from the understanding that the Holy Spirit God has given to me about how success is defined from the Kingdom perspective.

Even more specific, what is defined as success in the Kingdom government system of our Creator and our God. I have known for some time that the Kingdom System of our God defines success much differently than does the kingdom of darkness.

I have learned this personally through my life experiences on this planet. What society and the cultures of our world define as success are often major failures in the success system of our Creator and our God. Huge successes in the Kingdom of Light are very often considered failures in the Kingdom of Darkness.

We must know clearly what our Creator and our Designer define as our personal success or we will be played like a puppet on a string by society and by the cultures of this world.


Having written considerable material on achieving a successful life, including four books completely about the success I began to recognize the need to define what true success looks like for humanity. Not the version of success that is presented and promoted by the Kingdom of Darkness, but the success that is lasting and does not expire.

Money, power, and fame are the most prominent determinants used to define success by the Kingdom of Darkness.

That definition is very pervasive in society and this is what the systems of the world use as their primary standard for describing and defining success. Money, power, and fame can be part of success, but none of them is a primary indicator nor is it necessary for true success.

It is interesting that none of my writings, including the books, began with an explanation of success as the primary focus. My motivation was to share life lessons that I had discovered on my journey of life. I knew that there were solutions and better ways to effectively address the challenges and sometimes the struggles that I had experienced and that I continue to experience daily.

Life is not fair, nor is success in life a destination at which we can arrive and end our search for fulfillment. Every day that we are on this planet, we must choose the actions that determine the experiential outcomes that we innately desire. Knowing this and understanding the process will bring great peace to the process.

Humanity has tried many things to define and achieve success. Many turn to religion, or power, or fame or money in their search only to discover that the achievement of any or all of these will not provide the success that our DNA was given to each of us by our Creator God calls for. Be encouraged there is an answer that works. Where and how then, do we find abiding peace, and how do we experience fulfillment?

Only through knowing and understanding how we are designed to operate and to live on this planet, while we are in time, in a vibrant, living relationship with the living God, our Creator, and our Designer can we experience the success that is for now and forever.

The living Word of God declares that my people are being destroyed because they do not know me. Our God is RELATIONAL. He is not religious. His design for our success is not found in what we know about Him, but in that, we know Him personally and intimately.

All of our success begins here.

In my personal pursuit of a successful life, I found that my effort must be based on an eternal, loving relationship with our eternal, living God whom I know personally. This is not spooky or religious, but an active living relationship where I fellowship and communicate with my Creator and the One who designed me, continually and constantly. How did I come to this understanding of the relationship? My search led me to five fundamental questions that I had to know and had to answer for myself.

I believe and am convinced that these are the same questions all of humanity have and they must answer personally for themselves. Whether the awareness of this search is cognitive or even if they have no idea of their search, everyone who arrives on this planet has these same questions and needs to know the answers for themselves.

This desire that we have defines the relational aspect of who we are personally and what our relationship with our Creator is designed to be.

I have discovered that the correct understanding of this search and the subsequent accurate results, determines our path for success. I believe these questions are both fundamental and foundational, and that we must understand, and that each of us must answer for ourselves for each of us as well as all of humanity to achieve the abiding peace and the personal fulfillment necessary for true success.

For me, this was the method, and this is how it works.

I want to share these questions with you.

1) Who am I?
2) Where did I come from?
3) Why am I here?
4) What are the Standards of Conduct and behavior I am to live by?
5) What happens to me when my spirit leaves my body?


The knowledge of these facts, the wisdom to know how to apply these facts to our life experiences personally and effectively, and then the understanding of how this process impacts all of humanity (our culture – how we think and how we live) is the only successful foundation that is provided to us by our Creator and our Designer for the success of abiding peace and a fulfilled life, now and forever.

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