Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the product of years, and sometimes a lifetime, of habits that accumulate and drive a person toward his/her goals. Though “successful” can have multiple definitions, we can agree upon a generally accepted one–a person is successful when he/she leads others to success, meets his/her personal and professional goals, creates something useful and innovative, and makes a lot of money while making a lot of people happy at the same time.

1.People with helpful nature end up being used most of the time.

2. Everyone is chasing money, but we are made to believe money doesn’t matter.

3. Yeah, money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.

4. Too many parents are not preparing their children for real life and it’s the rest of us who are going to have to suffer through it. Ugh. Other people’s kids.

5. Don’t marry Rich, get rich together.

6. Society can be cruel. In a given crisis, you could be right in every sense and backed by facts or logic and still have people wrongfully blaming you instead.

7. Now is the only time that matters. So enjoy the moment, go on a date, celebrate a party or whatever makes you happy.


8. Bitter truth is, “Treating others like you’d treat yourself” isn’t acknowledged often. People don’t always return the same reciprocation and respect you give them.

9. We live on a big sheep farm. Following the herd makes life easier and happier without many conflicts. Being different takes courage. Those who sail against the tides will have to withstand the toughest tests.

10. Ignorance is bliss in many situations.

11. People judge you based on your looks and Money. Attractive people & Rich people having leverage is real. Money expands social status, privileges, quality of life, opportunities, and better treatment from others.

12. Money makes life much easier than not having.

13. Attraction is a gateway to most relationships, everyone prefers to date with an attractive one. Can’t deny it.

14. Nobody Cares. Everything you have ever felt has already been felt by everyone else around you.

15. You will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did do

16. Your strong opinion doesn’t make you right. It just makes you opinionated. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

17. That one person does not represent a population with his/her negative actions

18. The world isn’t black or white, it’s grey. Learn it, accept it, and live with it.

Don’t feel like you need to embody all seven of these habits in order to be successful people. One of the greatest things about success is that it’s defined subjectively, and can be achieved via any number of different paths. Still, learning from and adopting these habits can help you become more successful in your own life, no matter how you choose to define that success.

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