Aliens swarmed Earth in the 1950s.

Everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows it’s true.

The problem for the aliens is they didn’t bring weapons. Many hundreds of the captured are kept in cages in Area 51. Surely, someone “out there” knows about Area 51 and what goes on, right?

Does anyone believe that the computer and iPhone are the product of human ingenuity? Has anyone anywhere ever met a human who is capable of inventing these technologies and building them?

Of course not.

All this “high-tech” stuff is always built-in faraway countries inside factories no one has ever seen or can ever visit, right?

Has anyone considered that there might be good reasons why no one understands the technologies they are using?

Knowledge is unattainable. Resistance is futile. We all know why.

The orange man puts aliens in cages for a reason. He sucks brains to increase his power.

Challenge the orange man, anyone who is foolish enough to try. They will find themselves “throttled” by Quora, Facebook, and Twitter among other “collaborators.”

Those who don’t believe, look at the view statistics for this post. Though hundreds of thousands will see, the “official” view count will never exceed a few dozen.

Upvotes? Forget it.

“They” don’t want civilians to know the nature of the new Earth where “orange man” forces homo-sapiens to languish — suffocated and imprisoned by confusion; overwhelmed by terrors unleashed by ruthless captors of alien hoards.

Another alien swarm from “out there” is making plans to rescue their friends. This time they won’t forget weapons. Meanwhile, they burn forests to deprive Earthlings of oxygen. Once their sapient tormentors are debilitated, the aliens will unload.

After the fluids of humans settle finally into the warm dirt of Earth, it is the human captors — the survivors — who will live in cages.

The aliens plan to convert Area 51 into a zoo where tourists from other worlds can visit to learn about evil humanoids and their orange leader.

Aliens will place the chosen one, with all the reverence due him, into the largest cage of all.

All organisms on Planet Earth are carbon-based. Do you think there are silicon-based life forms out there?

Silicon-based life forms are called “rocks”.

Four phyla of rocks exist pebble, stone, boulder, and sand.

These life forms move around, reproduce, and sometimes present an aggressive demeanor that can threaten humans.

How many times have we read accounts of boulders cascading down mountains to crush folks who travel unawares on our national highways?

It is almost impossible to eradicate boulders. Even an explosion of many tons of TNT creates instead tens-of-thousands of stones and pebbles. These silicate life-forms are particularly annoying, especially when humans walk barefoot on dirt.

Silicon-based life-forms are an urgent problem that demands to be solved.

Are our Planet Earth watched by aliens?

Extra-terrestrials made their first visits to Planet Earth about 5,000 years ago according to accounts in the Bible and other sources from that era.

They left after exploring nearby planets and moons. They stayed to explore for about 1,000 years give or take.

In the 1950s extra-terrestrials returned in force. Tens of thousands of UFO sightings became a matter of public record. The Air Force and CIA spent considerable resources to understanding the threat UFOs posed to humans.

What they discovered was a blunder by aliens that no one anticipated.

The aliens came unarmed.

When aliens finished their initial explorations 4,000 or so years ago, they reported to their leaders that life on Earth posed no threat. The need to bring weapons on a second voyage was considered an unnecessary expense, energy-depleting, and useless. Leaving weapons behind would save billions of units of whatever currency they were using at the time.

Since the 1950s, a coalition of nations has learned to capture and successfully detain aliens. Many aliens have escaped, but thousands who weren’t so lucky now live in cages in the area numbered 51, which some readers may have read about.

These aliens are essentially prisoners. Some have been trained to communicate with humans.

Information gleaned from interrogations has yielded a treasure trove of new technologies, which have been introduced as rapidly as possible during the past two decades.

It is humans who now observe extra-terrestrials.

The current situation is this: Aliens are preparing to swarm Planet Earth in a “third wave” to rescue their compatriots. This time they will bring weapons.

Trump is currently negotiating with an advanced guard who his advisors refer to as the “Deep State”. The future of Earth depends on the president’s ability to negotiate and to act the “stable genius” people everywhere have learned to believe in and love.

President Trump is the only one who can save humankind from the alien hordes, who intend to alter forever Earth as we know it through terra-forming.

What makes you sure there are/are not aliens visiting planet Earth?

Aliens swarmed Earth in the 1950s and never left. They occupy many positions of power and influence. Their base of operations is near Lake Vostok in Antarctica.

How can humans identify space-aliens?

The identification process is easy but it takes a little work. Many so-called news celebrities are aliens. Listen carefully for mispronounced words and unusual turn-of-phrases. These are dead giveaways, which are ignored by most people.

Also, search for signs of Botox poisoning. Alien skin sags in Earth’s highly oxygenated atmosphere. Almost all aliens use Botox to prevent the reptilian appearance that frightens so many children. The overuse of Botox can make aliens look like “cat people.” Again, they aren’t difficult to spot if one remains vigilant.

Another identifier is reliance on teleprompters. Most aliens never achieve true fluency in human language, preferring to chirp or hum loudly when not reading from the prepared text. Heavy reliance on teleprompters by powerful aliens is one more sure sign that humans should never ignore.

Aliens tend to rule from the right because conservatives are the easiest people to outsmart. Trump switched from Democrat to Republican to take advantage of GOP stupidity to win the nomination in 2016.

Aliens immediately endorsed him.

What is the likelihood that aliens would be able to decipher the messages on the gold plate on the Voyager spacecraft?

planet Earth

The message on the gold plate is simple: life exists somewhere else.

Aliens who discover the craft will use artificial super-intelligence to decipher its information — if not immediately, then eventually as they develop the capability.

Once the message is unraveled, aliens will know our location and weaknesses. The streaks in the image on the lower left of the gold disc reveal Earth’s location relative to 14 pulsars, which are GPS beacons to any civilization as advanced as ours.

Click pic to enlarge in a new window.

Aliens will determine from the materials that make the craft what resources exist on Earth and whether these resources are worth pursuing.

Should aliens decide to visit, they are likely to bring weapons to overwhelm us; they will take whatever they want.

What might they take?

Look at any picture of Planet Earth from space. Isn’t it obvious that Earth is a paradise where water exists in three phases—liquid, solid, and gas (oceans, ice, and clouds)? What alien wouldn’t want to live here to research and perhaps rule to satisfy its idiosyncratic desires?

We’re vulnerable.

How do we defend Planet Earth against aliens who know all about us and our capabilities while we know nothing of theirs?

Thank you, NASA.

Thank you to all the eggheads who may have given our location away to monsters they’ve never met—maybe not now but someday.

Good luck, planet Earth.

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