‎you can easily study for 7-8 hours. in this case, the will is enough.

but the point is, the focus is on the subject until you study. we don’t pay attention to anything for long. our thoughts are scattered.

how long do I think about it, how long is it? studies have shown that a person thinks about 70,000 daily.

So you have to consciously try to keep your attention on something. the most important thing to study is to study it with hard attention. you have to set goals ahead. the answers to three questions are enough for him.

1. what to do?

2. why read?

3. when to read?

Remember that our mind is like a donkey. the donkey wants to go against the way he asks him to go. so the only way to take the donkey to the destination is to hang a radish in front of him. he’ll run after mile. and for people, that Mula is the goal of life.

so the goal of life is secondly, following a routine will make the study rhythmic. because our brain loves to do rhythmic work. initially, 20-30% of the routine is enough to follow. if you try to follow regularly, rest for 5-10 minutes after studying for 50 minutes in a row.

4. avoid mobile phones, tips, gossip at this time. because if you do this, it is 5-10 minutes and 1-2 hours and it is not known. you can do vajra ashan if you want to. this is helpful in increasing attention.‎

‎5. keep the reading area as much as possible every day. do not keep anything that is mind-catching in the reading room. e.g.,___tv, no listening back, etc. if the reading table is wall-facing, keep a good mobile phone silent, no need to close.

6. avoid checking notifications while reading. these do nothing but divert your attention

7. make your studies fun. check out the text title as you read and get an idea about it. it will be easier to understand the reading.

Take studies as a challenge. reward yourself after work. for example, you can watch -movies, eat your favorite food.

it’s important to time to study. share time properly.

when you like to read your son and read the time. (e.g-me likes to read from 5:30 a.m.) time doesn’t matter. love is the first

8. not sitting down to read heavy food or watch favorite tv shows or serials.

you can do a job to get rid of it. sit down with a paper while sitting down to read. write down the shortcut as you remember while reading and think about it at the end of the study.

if you do this for a few days, you will see that you can meditate regularly for 30 minutes to increase your attention. very effective.

10. yoga helps in increasing concentration.‎

‎Finally, I want to say, Dream big‎

‎it’ll be enough.‎

That’s it.‎

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